She's Walking Back to Me, Oh, Pretty Woman

She's Walking Back to Me, Oh, Pretty woman... Can you hear the song in your head?  Well this week we are making another set of Oh, Pretty Woman blocks, but we are changing it up a bit.  We are using fabric from Block #11, plus a 2nd Medium Dark left over from a prior blocks.  I used my leftover from Clue #19, which was actually a remnant from Clue #12... 

Don't you just love her!

Clue #20~ Oh, Pretty Woman ~ Peacock Galore and A Blooming Bunch

Then for Group #8, we are actually using our Blocks from Clue #4, I Want to Hold Your Hand and #7 Can't Help Falling In Love.  Oh, Pretty Woman, C#20 is just going to have to wait. 

Group #8 ~ Peacock Galore

Group #8 ~ A Blooming Bunch

Before we jump into Tips for this Clue.  I wanted to provide you with a link to my Fabric Reveal last week for Holiday Sensation, my next Mystery Series starting in July.  

You can check out the reveal here: HOLIDAY SENSATION FABRIC REVEAL

If you are interested in reserving the fabric shown in the reveal, be sure to order it quickly, it is going fast.  ORDER AT THE YANKEE QUILTER

If you want more information on Holiday Sensation, go to my Website and download the Overview:  HOLIDAY SENSATION OVERVIEW

Reminders and Tips for this week:
4 Different units - All of which you made before, so just take your time in cutting.

Remember the A Units get split, they are not all cut the same.

Keep them organized.

We are making two Diamond shaped units

Take you time to ensure you have the right units in the right place.

Trim the A Unit on the Unit A/D Diamond Shape.

Trim one of the B Unit on the dual B Unit Diamond Shape.

Make sure you have everything facing properly on the top.  You can use those seam interchanges to precision pin.

For the Bottom, You are going to need to mark your trimmed B Unit.

And your C Units 

Layout carefully, precision pin, stitch and press.

You can use the 1/4" markings to precision pin the top together to the bottom.

Lines up really nice!


Next, let's talk Group #8  

Group 8A - Make sure to check your Can't Help Falling In Love, it has a top and bottom

Construct them the same way, you will need to mark a few seams to help with precision pinning. 

They turn out great.  One of my favorite groupings.

Group 8 Peacock Galore

Group 8 A Blooming Bunch

LOVE THEM!  Just 4 more Clues to go!

That's it for me.  I got my second vaccine today and it is kicking my butt.  Have a great weekend. 

Keep Stitching,


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