New Block! Son of a Preacher is Block 18

New Block!  Son of a Preacher Man is Block 18!

Son of a Preacher Man is a really fun block.  It is made up of two sets of Diamond Triangle Units and 2-Patch Triangle Units.  Can you see him?

Fabulous Block and it is going to look awesome with Block #2 One Fine Day in our Group #6.
Group 6 - Peacock Galore

Group 6 - A Blooming Bunch

Let's talk fabric.  We will be using remnant fabric from Block 5.

Including a LM remnant strip, 4", in your remnant bag.  
This block and fabric is designed to specifically work well with the pairing of Block #2.  Plus, you will have the correct amount of fabric remaining to make it. 
We have made all of these units prior.  The big difference over prior Clues, is that we are making 6 of one Diamond Triangle and 12 of another.

Be careful when trimming down the unit.  
Be careful with your pairings for the Diamond shaped units.  We are making two different groups. 
I would precision pin those points. 
Peacock Galore

A Blooming Bunch
I would recommend marking the 1/4" seam on both sides of your C and B units.  This will allow you to precision pin when constructing the top and bottom, plus when you bring them together. 

Top of the Block

Bottom of Block
Bring the top and Bottom together, you will have one point made with the seam, that you will want to match.  The other two are the created by marking that 1/4" seam. 
Peacock Galore

A Blooming Bunch

TADA! Love this block!
Next, move until Group 6.  Where we bring together Clue #2 and Clue #18!

Remember Son of a Preacher Man, has a top and Bottom, so use that final seam to line-up everything. 

You will precision pin several points and it will come together wonderfully.
Group 6 - Peacock Galore

Group 6 - A Blooming Bunch!
Wow, I'm just loving these.  Thank you all who supply your feedback for my survey on Mysteries.  I greatly appreciate it.

I can't wait to see your blocks on the Facebook group.  

If you celebrate, Happy Easter.  Have a safe and happy holiday.

Happy stitching,


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