R E S P E C T is Block #21

Can you believe we are on Clue #21!  R-E-S-P-E-C-T!  Love this block and the song is great too.  Really interesting story on the song.  Make sure to check that out on the Clue.  The Block, I specifically designed to go with Oh, Pretty Woman from Clue #21.  You will be using your remnant fabric left over from Clue #10.

Clue #21 Respect
You will go on and put Respect (Clue #21) with Oh, Pretty Woman (Clue #20), for Group #9.
Peacock Galore version of Group #9

A Bloom Bunch version version of Group #9

For this Clue, if you are running tight/short on Light-Med, make sure to read the tip on making use of your remnant strip from the Triangles. You would trim down , cutting down that large strip to get those last few Diamond(s). This will get you the most out of your fabric. You can also check your remnant bag.

Other Tips

Take your time with Unit A as you must make sure you have the proper Side Triangles in the proper place

Unit B is the easy...  who would have through we would have said that back on Clue #1

Unit C is a standard Diamond Triangle Unit

Before you trim down,  triple check you have your side triangles correct!

When you get organized, make sure you are labeling and cutting them correctly.  Pay close attention to Unit B, you are only trimming the left side.

We are making 9 of the same diamond shape.  Take your time.

I would suggest marking that 1/4" line on Unit B

Take you time with the trim down, as this isn't one we do often. 
Right Handed above
Left Handed below

Here is the lay out for your Block top.

Which comes together easily.

Be careful with your layout for the bottom. Double check that orientation

It comes together easily as well. 

Top and Bottom.  I would recommend marking that 1/4 inch to make sure those intersections come together wlee 

Trim down is an easy line up this week.

Clue #21 - RESPECT!

Make sure to move onto Group #9 - Only 4 more groups left!

Peacock Galore version of Group #9A and 9B

A Blooming Bunch version of Group #9A and 9B

That wraps up this week. I'm teaching a Virtual Retreat, our Spring Break, where I expect tons of fun to take place!

Have a great week!

Keep Stitching,



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