Suspicious Minds is Clue #13

 Suspicious Minds is Clue #13! This block is going to come together really easy for you, as this Block is only made up of 2-Patch Triangle units and we've been making these since Clue #1.

Clue #13 Suspicious Minds
I've intentionally put this block as Clue #13, as we are going to start to make our "groups".  Make sure you download Clue #13 and Group #1 instructions. 

Group 1A & 1B - Peacock Galore

Group 1A and 1B - A Blooming Bunch

First lets go through some basic reminders for Clue #13 and then cover the Group #1 tips.

Fabric Selection

Use remnants from Clue #1 

Use remnants from Clue #1
Units are all 2-Patch Triangles

Be careful trimming the proper side.

When trimming, sometimes it helps to move it to the bottom of the Star 60, still lining up with the key marks.  
Right Handed above.
Left Handed below.

Pair the proper units for the Diamond Shape

Match the edge and the blunt tip, sew and trim
Block Construction
Top of the Block


Bottom of the Block


Come together easily matching the points.

Right Hand trim down

Left Hand trim down

Tada! Now it is time to make Groups 1A and 1B

Group 1A -Peacock Galore

Group 1B -Peacock Galore

Group 1A - A Blooming Bunch

Group 1A - A Blooming Bunch
Be careful laying out the units.  Make sure you are have them positioned correctly.

Group 1A

See it, flip it...

Pin it and stitch it.

Group 1B - See it

Flip it...

Pin it and Stitch it

Group 1A - Trim the dog ear in the way.  Not both..See it, flip it...

Pin it.

Be sure to pin that point with the remaining dog ear.

Group 1B - Trim the dog ear in the way.  Not both..  See it

Flip it.
Pin it and Stitch it.

Tada!  Make sure to keep these safe and labeled.

Just Love them!

That is it for this week.  Next week will be even more exciting!  I can't wait to see your Groupings!


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