Best of the 60's ~You've Lost that Loving Feeling

 Best of the 60's ~You've Lost that Loving Feeling!  What a great song, I can't hear it and not think of Top Gun.   This block is darling (as my Oma would say).  

You've Lost that Loving Feeling ~ Both my Peacock Galore and A Blooming Bunch versions

Fabric Selection

You will need to use the last of your Fabric and we will need a LM, M, and MD. 

We are making two units that we have made often.  You just need to stay organized and make sure you are keeping the placement of the fabric straight.

Double Check when laying the units back on the plate, ensuring everything is in the right place.  It is easy to get these turned around

Make sure you are trimming the proper side of the 4-Patch center diamond shape.

Make sure you are marking the units properly and with the proper cut side(s)

Constructing the Top of the Block
Per usually put the A Bottom Trimmed with the B Bottom Trimmed Units

Take time to precision pin - It makes a difference.

Once you press and trim, it is recommended that you mark the 1/4" on the Diamond Triangle Units.

Continue to precision pin.

Tada the top is completed.
Bottom of the Block
Continue to mark and pin

Tada! The Bottom of the Block is complete!
Finish the Block
Next, mark and precision pin.  

Trim Right Handed

Trim Left Handed

LOVE IT!  Peacock Galore version

A Blooming Bunch version

That wraps up this week!  Once you finish this block, you are halfway through the Clues!

Have a great weekend!

Keep Stitching,


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