Clue #10 - Here Comes the Sun... And I say it's all right

Here Comes the Sun... And I say it's all right...  Clue #10!  I hope we see sun soon, we've had a week of Snow and overcast weather here in CT.  First Sunday night into Tuesday, we got 18" and then small storms over the last couple of days. 

Well, back to the Block #10 - Love this Block!  

Clue #10 - Here Comes the Sun - Both my versions

Fabric Selection
Let's talk fabric, we are getting a little tight on the remaining fabric, don't worry, you only have this block plus two more that you will be using "first time" fabric.  We will start reusing the other packets on Clue #13.  
I went with a beautiful orange clamshell and purple/blue in my Peacock Galore version and then this fabulous pink/ivory check and green multicolor floral for my A Blooming Bunch.

Make sure you are keeping your B and C units straight throughout the Block  

You see their Top and Center Triangles are just reversed.  So take care to keep straight.

Every time you handle them, double check

Triple check in the Let's Get Organized and Trim Section - Very Important.

Block Construction
We will have 9 of the same Diamond Shapes in this Block, take care to put down your best 1/4". 

Right Handed Diamond trim down.

Left Handed Diamond trim down.

Next place the C units facing the proper direction.

Your points will match nicely for this Block.  Make sure to precision pin and pay attention to the line up.

Same advice for the put the second C unit on.

Precision pin.

Tada... Love it.

Next comes the Bottom.  Once again we have some nice points to line up.

Precision pin.

Only trim the dog ear in the way, as we need the other to line up.

Flip it and precision pin.

Now we are ready to put the Top with the Bottom.

Once again, those 3 points line up great, just precision pin them.

Right Handed - Trim down - 1st trim

Rotate the Block, Right Handed - Trim down - 2nd trim

Left Handed - Trim down - 1st trim

Rotate the Block, Left Handed - Trim down - 2nd trim


How terrific are these blocks!  Love them

If these aren't adorable, I don't know what is...

That's it for this week.  Make sure to tune in next week for Clue #11. 

Keep stitching!


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