Clue #4 - I Want to Hold Your Hand!

Clue #4 is I Want to Hold Your Hand, which is a fabulous block!   I love the Hexagon center, surrounding by the star and then another Hexagon.  Fabulous!

Clue #4 
I have some great tips for you this week, I especially hope those of you that are doing the Clue only membership and checking out the tips on the Blog.  Many of the things mentioned in the FB Group, have been highlighted here.  Please take a few minutes and review, I think it will save you time in the long run. 

Fabric Selection
I went with a multi-color print for my Light-Medium.  It is the perfect place to feature one of your multi-color prints.  The fabric partner with my multi-color print was from across the color wheel, from the main fabric in the selection.  

Please take you time cutting, it does make a difference.  You want to make sure you are keeping your ruler straight and lining up those top and bottom lines on the ruler.  

Triangle Cuts

And especially Half Hexagons.
You really need to be careful pressing.  It is very important to take your time and make sure you are no stretching your fabric. 
Unit A
This is an easier unit, but if you do not take the time to put down a good 1/4" it could mess up your 1 3/4" alignment for the final trim down.  
Unit B
You really need to take your time with Unit B, we made the 4-Patches last week and I know some of you struggled.  Please read the tips below... they matter
1- Orientation - Take the time to make sure you have your orientation correct
2 - 1/4" really (really) matters, measure it!
3- Trimming, take the time to line up all the key coordinates.

Take the time to line up this trim down.  You need to center the unit and line up correctly.
Right Handed
Left Handed

4 - Take the time to sew correctly.  Position the seam you need to see on top, to ensure you are putting your best 1/4" down and not dropping or floating the point. 

Organize and Trim
Pay close attention to which side you trim your units.
Once again, take time to trim.  If the seams aren't lining up in this step, they are not going to magically line up with the next steps.  Take time to figure out why they aren't lining up.   More than likely it is going to be your 1/4" or cutting. 
Right Handed

Left Handed
Construction the Top of the Block
Build from the top down.  
Take time to center and line up this unit.  Put your best 1/4" down.

Right Hand Trim - Trim the proper unit and take your time to line up everything. 

Left Handed

Next, sew the diamond shape to the left unit.  Making sure to precision pin those seam intersections and points.  Pinning is key in this Block.

Trim the proper dog ear.  Only one gets cut, you use the other one for lining up.  I think several of you are missing this important step.  The dog ears help you line up, only trim the one in the way of the next seam and use the other one. 

Top completed.  Trim that bottom dog ear.
Construction the Bottom Unit
Lay out, double check the orientation.   

You want to line up the point as well as the triangle points.

Trim the proper dog ear, only the one in the way

Use the other dog ear to line up, it helps to keep the unit aligned. 

Line up

Pin - Pin now or rip later, take the time to pin.
Putting the block together.
Double check you have the right orientation

Then precision pin all three triangle points.

Right Handed -Take time to line up all points before cutting.

Turn and trim that last side.

Left Handed - Take the time to line up all points before trimming

Turn and trim that last side. 
Love it!

Michelle's A Blooming Bunch version

Michelle's Peacock Galore version
That wraps up this week, I hope you are all enjoying the holidays!  

Keep Stitching,


  1. I think knowing where the blunt end of the triangle is facing is a great help!! It is also helpful knowing when a point should be aligning with a dog ear.


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