Best of the 60's - Will You Love Me Tomorrow

 Yeah!  It is Friday!  Clue #3 is ready!

Will You Love Me Tomorrow is made up of six 4-Patch Triangles and 3 Companion Triangles.  I just love this Block!

This week, I will focus on tips for putting the 4-Patch Triangles together and keeping those little Triangles lined up!

Clue #3 Will You Love Me Tomorrow

Busy week, so let's just jump right in!

Fabric Selection

This is a great week to use another Multi-Color medium scale print for those Companion Triangles (LM).

We are just cutting Triangles this week, which we've done the last two weeks, so check out prior blog posts if you need help with sub cutting the Triangles.

Construction Tips

Make sure when sewing the small diamond shape within your 4-Patch Triangle, that you are stitching the non-blunt sides together.

Right Handed - When trimming make sure you are lining up the proper size line, but also that you are centered.

Left Handed - When trimming make sure you are lining up the proper size line, but also that you are centered.

Make sure to place the trimmed diamond shape back on your plate in the correct orientation. See it. 

Flip It and line up the diamond shaped unit with the blunt top of the side triangle.

Make sure you keep the blunt tops on the top for the main unit...

and the Side Triangles

Always look to see what dog ears are in the path of the next sew line.

Trim the dog ears

Press carefully and use the seam stick to keep from upsetting the prior seams

Always treat the unit with Best Press prior to trimming
Trimming  - Take your time
Right Handed  - Bottom Trim

Left Handed -  Bottom Trim

Right Handed - Point Trim

Left Handed - Point Trim

Construction of the Block
Ensure that you have blunt tips North and South

Trim carefully

Lay out your unit and double check your orientation.  Note the un-trimmed sides are on the outside of the unit.

Be careful to line up the points.

Stitch with the 4-Patch on top so you can see the seam.

Only trim the dog ear in the way of the next seam

Use the remaining seam to line up the unit - Very important to keep those triangles aligned.

Layout and be careful to check the orientation.  Again, un-trimmed side is on the bottom of the unit.

Remember to trim those dog ears before stitching the top to the bottom.

Precision pin! 

Press well!

Right Hand trim down - Take your time, look at the entire unit.

Left Hand trim down - Take your time

Final trim

Michelle's A Blooming Bunch Version

Michelle's Peacock Galore Version

Will You Love Me Tomorrow
That is a wrap for this week!

Remember, next week, Clue #4 will be released on Saturday, the 26th.  

Have a wonderful Holiday!  I look forward to seeing the Blocks in the Best of the 60's Facebook Group!

Happy Holidays,



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