Clue #12 of Holiday Solstice

We are at the end of August!  I can not believe it. Some weeks drag while others fly.  The past few weeks have flew by.  While I've been quiet on Social Media, I've been working away.   i have a lot of neat things happening over the next few weeks.   I'm almost back on schedule, therefore I plan on returning to bit more to on Social Media. 

Some exciting next couple of weeks

Tuesday, September 1st - Stashbuster Tuesday

Next Tuesday, the first Tuesday of the Month is my Stashbuster Tuesday, and I will be revealing my the second pattern in my new Stashbuster pattern series.  Plus, I will once again be joining in the Quiltmania Blog Hop.  So, make sure to check in on Tuesday.  Wait to you see what we have in store for you all!

Next Friday, September 4th - Another Pattern Reveal

I've been working on this month pattern for months, and I finally got it to where I want it to be, so make sure to stay tuned for that one.  It is so fun!

Tuesday, September 8th - Tutorial Tuesday Returns

The Tuesday after Labor Day, I will be picking back up on a very cool Binding technique.  So be sure to mark your calendars. 

Friday, September 11th -  Best of the 60's Mystery Announcement

Two Fridays from now, I will start providing some details for my next Mystery series, the Best of the 60's, which will kick off in November and run through the winter.  It is going to be so groovy!  That is all I'm saying. 

Holiday Solstice 

Week 12 of 18 - We are two-thirds of the way through.... who knows, there might be another border reveal soon.... hmmm.  

Clue #12 - You will make (4) more Grandmother's House Blocks.   You can elect to use the same fabrics or use fabrics of the same color and value for the 2nd set of Blocks.   

For my Fig Christmas version, I elected to change the Green fabric in my Popped V Blocks.  

While my Sunprint 2020, I went with the same fabrics. 

For refresher tips, please check out Clue #10's Blog Post.  Remember get all the details in the download. 

Short and sweet this week.  Make sure to tune in Tuesday, for Stashbuster and Quiltmania.    You will not want to miss it!

I need to get back to power sewing!

Keep Stitching, 



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