Quilt Block Mania - School Girl's Puzzle

I'm so existed I have a lot of fun information to share with you today.   A free Block and a new pattern series!  Plus, a new series of mini-online classes.

Quilt Block Mania

First, a couple weeks back, several quilt designers got together and decided we'd put together some FREE themed quilt blocks to share with all of you!   
  • All of these blocks finish at 12″ x 12″. 
  • You can download all the Blocks for free, or just your favorites. 
This month theme is "Return to School", therefore I decided to make and share the School Girl's Puzzle.
School Girl's Puzzle

School Girl's Puzzle is made up of Half Square Triangles and utilizes four values of fabric plus Background.  Light, Light-Medium, Medium and Dark.  I've provided step-by-step instructions in my download.  It comes together easily with the help of the Studio 180 Design Tucker Trimmer I 
  • All of the designers are using the same color plan in their Blocks.   
    • Therefore you could combine this quilt block with other designer blocks, in the series, and put them into a Sampler Quilt of your own design.
  • Or, several of the designers, including me, are offering patterns, for purchase, using our Block.
    • We've done the math.  😊
    • I loved this block so much, I decided to use it in my first pattern in my new series.  See below for more information.

  • If you scroll all the way down you’ll find links to all the fabulous quilt blocks in this series.  We are hoping to do this a few times a year, so stay tuned!

NEW - SCRAPBuster Quilt Pattern Series

I'm rolling out a new line of patterns, the STASHBuster Quilt Series, which is specifically designed to feature Quilts with interest that come together quickly and easily, while having you master a technique. 

You can make these fabulous quilts with stash, scraps, or new fabric. The quilts feature one tool and one technique that is repeated throughout the quilt creating a fun and fabulous design.  Repeating the technique allows you to quickly master one technique and one tool while completing the quilt quickly. 

Don't worry, I'm still designing my regular patterns, mysteries, and skill-building series.  These patterns will still be in my booklet style, but less pages since they are featuring faster and easier quilts. 

Autumn Vibes is the first in this new series. 

Large Throw - 69" x 69"

Autumn Vibes is a fantastic STASHBuster Quilt that comes together quickly and easily. Autumn Vibes features the School Girl’s Puzzle block. Utilizing the suggested values will make this a fun quilt to “play” with! While this quilt is designed to utilize your stash, do not ever be afraid to purchase some, if not all, fabrics. Autumn Vibes requires Studio 180 Design Tucker Trimmer I and Quilter’s Magic Wand.

There are four quilt settings included in the pattern, along with Right and Left Handed step-by-step instructions. 

You can purchase a printed copy of the pattern: Michelle's Online Shop
Or, you can purchase a PDF version: Michelle's PDF Shop

New Mini-Classes

In addition, to the pattern series, I'm also going to be launching Mini-Classes over the next few months. Starting with Autumn Vibes.  
SIGN UP HERE: sign up for class

Autumn Vibes will release on August 11th, you can enroll now through Sunday, August 7th, and save $10 in Early Bird Enrollment.  
  • Use Coupon Code - AVIBES10*
*You must enter the coupon code on the checkout page

Autumn Vibe can be made with stash, scraps, or new fabric. These series focuses on one tool and one technique that is repeated throughout the quilt creating a fun and fabulous design. Repeating the technique allows you to quickly master one technique and one tool while completing the quilt quickly. 

Enjoy creating the School Girl's Puzzle block while mastering the Studio 180 Design's Tucker Trimmer Tool.

Great class for beginner quilters or if you are looking to improve your quilting skills, gain confidence in your fabric selection, learn my paper plate method, all while mastering the Studio 180 Design Tucker Trimmer, this is the perfect class for you. This class is ideal for a confident beginner quilter to an advance quilter.

If you shy away from quilts with points, maybe you struggle with matching points... Fear no more, this course will provide you with step-by-step techniques to help achieve perfect points.

This mini-course this will share many of the fabulous benefits Michelle includes in her more involved quilts classes.

  • Overcome your fear of fabric selection as Michelle guides you through her technique of reading fabrics and discover her favorite color tools.
  • Build your confidence as Michelle shares her bonus tips relating to cutting, stitching, pinning, pressing, and trimming.
  • I set you up for success with her fabulous techniques that transfer easily to other quilt projects.
  • This beautiful design and Michelle's enthusiasm will keep you inspired throughout the project until completion.
I think that wraps up my news!  I hope you will join in this great Quilt Mania Block Mania!  
  • To download my free block, complete the form below.  
    • You will receive an email (check your spam and promo mailboxes).
    • The email will have a link to download. 

To visit the other Designer's Blogs, for their fabulous FREE BLOCKS:

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Thank you so much for your visit!  Please make sure to check out my website and Facebook page to stay in the know. 


  1. This block certainly is a puzzle - but I love how it comes together in the quilt! Just fabulous!

  2. Signing up for Autumn Vibes and mini series.


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