Holiday Solstice #11

Well you have made it to Clue #11!  You should be very proud of yourselves.  This is probably the toughest Mystery I've done to date.  

I'm so proud and thrilled with all the photos of completed Blocks and Center being posted in the Holiday Solstice Facebook group.  

This week's block, is slightly easier....  We are still dealing with little units but not as intricate.  Hear the Bells is made up of V Block Units and Square Squared Units.  

Clue #11 Hear the Bells

I have a few reminders and tips below, but first I want to remind you of a few things I have going on.  Now that summer is wrapping up, many of you may find yourself looking for fall projects.  I wanted to remind you about my Timeless with a Twist, Technique Building Series.

Technique Building Series - On Demand

I just released Month 3's lessons.  Month 3 alone has over 90 minutes of step-by-step instruction.  Each month, in addition to the Block's techniques, I feature an in-depth lesson on a particular sewing skill.  This month I featured Block Construction.  All my tips and tricks for putting Blocks together.  How to stay organized, how I stitch units into rows, rows into Blocks, utilizing a pinning method that I find works for me.  Plus, precision pinning and how to make the best use of your time when sewing blocks together.  Several of these tips I've never talked about before.

If you are looking for more in-depth knowledge of things I've shared on this Blog or in Tutorial Tuesdays, you will find them in this class.  Many of you have asked for more help with my paper plate method, well it is shared in depth and in every month in this class. 

You can join in at anytime.   All released lessons are available.  Future lessons get released on the 20th of each month.   There are currently two payment plans available; Pay upfront and save or elected to make 10 payments.    Make use of this weekend's coupon of 11% off all classes (you must enter the coupon code YOELEVEN).  for more information go to: MICHELLE'S Technique Building CLASS.

All my other Online classes are part of the SALE as well.   You can check them out: Michelle's Quilting Online School

Remember you must enroll by Sunday, the 23rd, and enter the coupon code .  You will see an "ADD COUPON CODE" on the Checkout page.  You have to click it, enter the code and save.  You will immediately see the discount take place.  If you do not, do not check out, as I can not apply the coupon afterwards.

Clue #11

Okay, so let's talk color/fabric selection first.

Fig Christmas II Fabric Selection
I wanted to use a fabric with a small print for my V Block units, since they are so small, but I wanted a little something, something. :)

The center on the Square Squared, gave me another spot to put one of the Background Prints.    I felt the Green Holly was a small enough print to use as the Side Triangles of the Square Squared.  

I carried that same thought process into my Sunprint 2020 version. I wanted to use three fabric I hadn't use yet.  So, I selected Violet blue for the V Block unit, went across the color wheel for the Gold, and then used a Charcoal Grey for the center of the Square Squared since it will not touch the background.  

Sun Print 2020 Version

Tips and Reminders

You have made both of these units before in this series, but let me share some tips and reminders, but remember the details are in the download. 

For the V Block unit, if you are using Fat Quarters, you will need to cut 2 strips as listed in the download.  Make sure to put wrong sides together so that you get a right and left Side Triangle when you make your cuts.

You will cut the same way as if you had a folded strips - Right Handed

Left Handed

When stitching your V Block, always make sure the Center Triangle is on top.

Same goes for the Square Squared, Center is always on top when you stitch.

Double check your orientation

You will need to precision pin when your Square Squared come together with your V Block seam intersection.

This is where you put a straight pin through points, hang it over the edge, keep the pin straight and then place 2 pins beside it. 

Left hand pinning will help, as you can keep the pins in until the last moment.

Remember to precision pin when put your rows together, at that same intersection

Using the Seam Stick will help you flatten the seams.

Always remember to end with a mist of Best Press and a good press. 

That wraps up this week.  Don't forget about the class coupon.  Really thing about taking the Technique Building class.  The techniques I cover in the monthly lessons will really make a difference in your piecing!

Have a great weekend.

Keep stitching,


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