Ticker Tape Parade Clue #7!

Thank you all for your kind thoughts and prayers.  It has been a tough couple of weeks, but we are making it through.  It helped spending the last few days with these lovely ladies, I can't believe how big they have gotten. (Shared with permission).

Lauren, Maddie, and Anna
We've played games, sewed, reflected on great memories, and laughed.   I'm so proud of my nieces, I hope I can be as inspirational to them, as an Aunt and Godmother, as my Aunt Betty was to me.  We worked together on a new quilt pattern, Betty's Beauties, tribute to my Aunt Betty, that will hopefully release in the Fall 2020. You will have to stay tune for a sneak peak in upcoming weeks. 

I hope all of you are enjoying some time with family and friends.  Thank you all for your patience on waiting a week on Clue#7.  

Grand Central Station - Starts January 17th

Are you all ready for Grand Central Mystery Quilt?  Make sure to check out my last Blog Post, to get caught up.  There you will find the fabric requirements and learn about picking out the perfect fabric.  Check it out: Click HERE  I hope to have another lesson this week, as a bonus post on Tuesday

Did you catch the Pantone Color of the Year....  
and the Robert Kaufman color of the Year.... 

I think it is funny, almost like I had the inside scope, as I have both of these in my color play for Grand Central Station!

Before we get into Clue #7, I want to talk to you about a few of the Summer Quilt Shows that will be announcing classes in upcoming weeks. 

Vermont Quilt Festival 2020
I will be skipping VQF this year, both due to a professional conflict and a personal conflict.  However, I do have a New England based Quilt Retreat, June 1st-June 5th at Lake Contoocook.   Check out details on my Retreat page:  Summer Quilt Away@ Woodbound Inn

MAQ~Mid-Appalachian Quilters
Once again, I will be teaching at MAQ, held in Gettysburg, PA, July 10th-12th.  Just like last year, I will be teaching 3 Day class, Timeless with a Twist, Series 1!  I can't wait, I love this event each year and I'm so proud to be selected again, this will be my 7th year at MAQ. 
Timeless with a Twist - Series 1
Quilt Odyssey 2020
Last week we received some sad news on Quilt Odyssey 2020, held annually in Hershey, PA.  Due to health issues, they had to cancel Quilt Odyssey 2020.  Missy Molino, the organizer/owner of Quilt Odyssey sent all the teachers an email prior to making the public announcement.  She is unfortunately sick, but we are all praying for her recovery.  

Summer Quilt Away - June 1st-5th
So, if you are looking to spend a few days with me, and you are looking for a replacement for VQF or Hershey, come to Summer Quilt Away@ WoodboundSet on the Contoocook Lake, enjoy the huge sewing room, great food, and laugh and catch-up with your quilting friends.  This is a 4-night Retreat, Monday, June 1st- Friday, June 5th. Take time to recharge and enjoy a "me” week!  More details available on my Retreat Page, along with Brochure and Registration form. 

Ticker Tape Parade
Today, I have Clue #7 for you!  Plus, for those of you that are looking for a New Year's Day sewing, I will be giving a sneak peak of Clue #8, basically a partial advance on the Clue #8.  I will not be sending a newsletter, so you are going to want to follow my blog posts on Tuesday.  I will announce it on Facebook, as well.    Don't worry if you are busy, you will still be able to download it next Friday, along with the last complete Clue #8.  

So, here is Clue #7 - Ticker Tape Blocks - Full and Corner!

Today, we will be making BLOCKS!  If needed, you can use the Studio 180's Tucker Trimmer I to trim/square-up your Ticker Tape Blocks.   Remember Clue #7 download is only available through Thursday, Jan 2nd, and details are in the download. 

Missed Clue #6- You can purchase for a nominal fee here: Shop

This is not a difficult block but you are going to want to make sure you are selecting the right Background Rectangles and Squares.  Plus keeping your orientation.  Even as the Quilt Author, I had to pay special attention to my diagrams

You are going to want to lay out the block, based on the block's photo or graphic and I can not stress enough, to go step by step through the instructions in the download, to ensure that you lay out these blocks properly. 

A few tips and reminders... 

Step 2  - Be very careful to sew the proper number of units and make sure you keep your orientation.

Step 4- Again, double check your orientation.

Step 6- Once again, check that orientation.

Step 8 - You will want to make the Ticker Tape half blocks, and not try to lay out the Block - I promise.  Best part, they nest!

Step 10 - By turning around half of the Ticker Tape halves and tada your Ticker Tape Block - Full is complete!  

Next, you are going to work on the Ticker Tape Block - Corner

Step 14 -  You will be making a few more Background/HST units
Step 16- Will have you making a new combination - CHECK that Orientation!
Step 18 - You will pair those units - Check that Orientation

Step 20 - Brings another new pairing, really double check this orientation. 

Step 22- Pair the units together - You guessed it, check that orientation 

Step 24 - Add the Background Rectangle and TADA!  You will have your Ticker Tape Block - Corners completed.

Hmmm... I wonder what we will do with these Blocks... Well, come visit the Blog on Tuesday and you may get a partial advance of Clue #8!

That is all I have for today.  I have to go catch a train home to CT.

Don't forget to check out my Summer Quilt Away@ Woodbound Retreat in June,   Grand Central Mystery Quilt Fabric Requirements, and tune in on New Year's eve for a partial advance of Clue #8.  If you don't check in on Tuesday, have a happy and safe New Year's! 

Keep stitching, 


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