Day 7 of 31 Day Blog Challenge and Grand Central Tidbit #7

Welcome to Day 7 of the 31 Day Blog Challenge!  Today I will be covering the challenge topic, which is Dream project, plus the last of the Grand Central Tidbit - Shops!
Magnolia Bakery  - My favorite 
Well, lets start with the challenge topic!

I have to tell you the Dream project was a tough one for me.  I tend to get an inspiration, I sketch it out and if I like it, it goes into my quilt pipeline and is eventually made.  So, I think it would need to be something I've been trying to get back to, and that is  needle turn applique.   I used to do it, until my carpal tunnel.  I had the surgery 9+ years ago, and I have yet to get back to it.  I've been a bit busy - no excuse. 

My Canadians, are going to love this.... I've always wanted to make one of Deborah Kembell's Quilts.  I have several of her books, I just love her designs.   

Many of my Canadian gals, have brought completed works to my Quilting in Vermont retreats, and they are just stunning.   I highly recommend checking Deborah Kembell's books. 

Grand Central Mystery Quilt Series

Today is the last tidbit on Grand Central Terminal, the inspiration for my next Mystery Quilt.  Today I'm going to feature the markets, carts and restaurants within Grand Central Terminal. 

Just to set the stage, Grand Central terminal is spread over 49 acres!  It is huge, when I tell you that I get in 10K step everyday that I commute into the city to consult, I'm not kidding!  

I love the architecture of Grand Central, as well as it's history and people.  However, I have to admit the Market Shops, Shops, Restaurants and Carts are fabulous!  When you have time to browse, or you just missed your train, you can pick up almost anything while you wait for your next train. 

The most populated carts, have recently been "suspended".  The 18 Bar Carts awaiting the commuters, when they run down the platform for their train, have recently been shut down.   The carts have been around forever, supposedly netting a total of $6 Million annually.  Some thing they are gone for the holidays, while others say they are gone forever as the State of the commuter trains (CT and NY) are petitioning to add "bar cars" to the MTA North Trains.   Who knows, in the meantime, the commuters looking for a Thursday night (or any night) cocktail, just have to visit the Bar-to-go inside the station.   I miss my Thursday night Margarita in a Jar.

However, there is plenty of shopping left, as there are still over 90 market shops and restaurants!  
Grand Central Market
That doesn't include the Holiday Fair, that sets up in Vanderbilt Hall for the Holidays, adding 18 unique gift shops. 
Holiday Fare at Vanderbilt Hall (GSC)
Grand Central Market offers a European-style gourmet shopping experience steps from the train or subway lines.   The Market features 13 local vendors offering prepared foods ready for commuters to enjoy on their ride home or for tourists to take to the park, home, etc. 
Grand Central Market
While other shops specialize in ingredients and flowers.   
Murphy's Cheese.... they may know me here
Which truth be told, the flower stands inspired my fabric selection of Grand Central Mystery Quilt. - More on that tomorrow!
Flower Stand at Grand Central Terminal
So, if I haven't inspired you to check out Grand Central Terminal on your next visit to New York City, I haven't done my job.  I hope you enjoyed learning about this NYC icon.  As we go through the clues, I'm going to challenge you all to identify the inspiration for the quilt units.  

If you want to get caught up on the Grand Central Mystery Quilt Series, make sure to check out the last week of posts.  Make sure to sign up for email alerts, by subscribing to my Blog, so you don't miss anything in the next few days. 

Grand Central Quick Recap:
What you should know, so far, about my Grand Central Mystery Quilt Series: 
  • The Series will run from mid-January to mid-April
  • Two sizesLarge Throw or Queen
  • Required tools are the Studio 180 Design: 
  • Recommended tools are Studio 180 Design:
    • Tucker Trimmer II - for subcut - ideal for sub cutting strips ending in 1/4" and 3/4" 
  • I plan on releasing yardage in the next few days.  Make sure to subscribe to my Blog for more information this week.
  • New Grand Central Facebook group for those planning on participating in Grand Central Quilt Mystery Series.  Be sure to answer all the screening questions or you will be declined.  If you are a member, in good standing, of another one of my groups, you will not have to answer the questions. 

Upcoming December Blog Topics, in addition to the 31 Day Blog Challenge :
    • Tomorrow, I will start taking you step-by-step through selecting the proper border for your Grand Central mystery quilt.
    • The third week of December, I plan on taking you step-by-step through selecting the proper fabric to go with that border.
    • The fourth week, we will see what I come up with!
Thanks for joining me daily!  Let me know if you are enjoying it. 

Enjoy the weekend, don't forget to join me on tomorrow for the Border selection for Grand Central Mystery Series.

See you tomorrow.

Keep Stitching,


  1. I'm Loving your tour of Grand Central Terminal. I first visited it in 1969. It was dingy and falling apart. It got a gigantic face lift and when I visited it in 2006, it was awe inspiring. I live in California. So, I really enjoyed seeing and tasting my way through the terminal.

  2. You've inspired me for sure to add Deborah Kimball to my list of dream projects. I've never been to New York and not really sure if I'll ever go there. If I ever do, Grand Central Market will one of my stops. So nice to visit your blog during the 31 days of blog writing.


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