Color Lesson #3 Is it a Split Complementary Color Plan

Welcome to Day 10 of the 31 Day Blog Challenge and Color Lesson #3 - Selecting a Split Complementary Border!

I've received some great feedback on last week's Blog Post and tons of great feedback the last two days.  I wish more people would be comfortable posting their thoughts here on the Blog, but I will take the emails, IMs, and FB comments.   Please feel free to provide feedback here on the blog!

Color Lesson #3 - Exercises

Today, I'm going to cover a couple posts of potential borders submitted through the Grand Central Facebook Group.   Let's see if the submitted fabrics are a Split Complementary color plan.

I would love more of you to join in, all you need to do: 
  • For Picture 1 - Post a nice clear close up of your potential Border Fabric 
  • For Picture 2 - I challenge you to display your 3-in-1 Color tool displayed on the fabric - if you can from the lesson over the last few days.  
  • Let me know if you want your name mentioned or not. :)
In addition to the two submission from the FB Group, I'm going to go over a couple more examples, then I'm going to post a Challenge Question.  Please submit your guesses/answer, in the comments below.  Let's see how many of you get it right.  

Facebook Group Posts

First lets go through the FB Group Submissions.

1 - Anne C submitted the following photos of her fabric and her 3-in-1 Color tool determination:
Anne's Fabric -Close-Up

Anne's Fabric - Larger view
Anne's 3-in-1 Color tool determination: Magenta (17), Blue-Red (18), Aqua Blue (8),  Aqua Green (7) and  Yellow Green (3).

So, what do you think?  

I think Anne's selections look good.  Is it a Split Complementary Color Plan?

Yes - 

  • Yellow Green (3) and Aqua-Green (7) are Split Complementary to Magenta (17)
  • Aqua0 Green (7) and Aqua-Blue (8) are Split Complementary to Blue-Red (18)

2- Janet G - Submitted the following photo of her fabric and I put it through the Adobe Color app (on my phone).
Janet's Fabric

Janet's Fabric in Adobe Color App
Based on this photo alone, I don't have the fabric to pull, I think this fabric's 3-in-1 Tool determination would be: Yellow Green (3) Red-Violet (14), Magenta (17) , Yellow Orange (22), and Golden Yellow (24). 

So, what do you think?  

Is it a Split Complementary Color Plan?

Almost -  The Yellow Orange (22) doesn't have a Split Complementary.  Depending on the actual fabric, Janet might be able to use this, it really depends on that Orange... what is the real color when placed on the actual fabric.

  • Golden Yellow (3) and Yellow Green (3) are Split Complementary to Red-Violet (14)
  • Magenta (17)  is Split Complementary to Yellow-Green

Okay, I will cover a couple more from the FB Group tomorrow, as a few more ladies have started to come post more fabric submissions.

Let's go through a couple that I pulled:

3- Joel Dewberry's Blooming Daisies in Blush:

Joel Dewberry's Blooming Daisies in Blush

Blooming Daisies in Adobe Color App
For Blooming Daisies, I pulled:  Orange-Yellow (23), Yellow-Orange (22), Purple (15) and Blue Green (6).

So, what do you think?  

Is it a Split Complementary Color Plan?

Nope - It is a Triadic Color planThe colors are basically (8) Tabs apart.   Actually, it would be a great border for Sunset on the Sound.

4- Katrina Rocella's Cascading Blossoms in Marine:
Katrina Rocella's Cascading Blossoms in Marine

Cascading Blossoms in Adobe Color App

For Cascading Blossoms I pulled:  Yellow-Green (3), Blue (11), Fuchsia (16), Magenta (17), and Orange-Yellow (23).

So, what do you think?  

Is it a Split Complementary Color Plan?

Yes -

  • Magenta (17) and Fuchsia (16) are Split Complementary to Yellow-Green (3)
  • Blue (11) is the Complementary to (23)

So, is it starting to make more sense? 

Okay - I'm giving you some homework.  

I want you to:
  1. Analyze the Colors in the fabric - Use your color tool, adobe.color or both
  2. Determine if it is a Split Complementary Plan
  3. In Comments - Post (Make sure you give your name):
    1. Yes Split Complementary Plan
    2. No not a Split Complementary Plan
Challenge Fabric - Bari J's Botanist's in Poem
Bari J's Botanist in Poem

Get busy and let me know what you think... who knows there may be a prize involved....  I'll see how many correct responses I get, maybe I will put them in a lottery for a prize.  Only time will tell. 

Keep Stitching, 


  1. Bari J’s Botanists in Poem is not a split complementary all the colors grouped within the upper right quadrant 12-3 in the Adobe color wheel, except for the Dark which was the only one that included the dark teal, and resulted in a triadic color scheme as gold, violet and teal were evenly distributed in the color wheel and the two pastels blended in the center. I am waiting to start looking for my boarder fabric, as I do not want to get excited about a color scheme and find out I do not have enough for borders. After you post the yardage for border. I’ll use your techniques for choosing it.

    I do not post very often, but do appreciate your blog. I am avoiding facebook as it eats up too much time.

    Thanks for all of your beautiful patterns as well, and posting to share your knowledge,
    Markey Dwyer

    1. Markey the border yardage has been posted since Sunday. :)

  2. no, its not. maybe it's how the colors are coming out on my monitor but I'm not seeing any split compliments. I got magenta 17, orange-red 20, chartreuse 2, orange-yellow 23 and some aqua blue 8 on my 3-in-1 tool. Nothing is actually a split compliment.
    thanks for all the good information.
    Kim Weaver

  3. haha, can I change my mind? I forgot the background. It's aqua-green 7 which is a split compliment to the magenta and the orange-red.
    Kim Weaver

  4. I was going to use this fabric - Bloomsbury - for my project. Not necessarily the border, but now it is an option, because I do believe that it is split complimentary. When I used the Adobe tool, there is a straight line between the five dominant colors. With my limited knowledge, I am going to say yes that this is a split complimentary border fabric, but there may be better choices for a border?

  5. This has been so helpful in teaching me how to use the 3-1 Color Tool. thank you

  6. I think Yes its split complementary. I pulled yellow green 3, aqua blue8, yellow orange22,fuchsia16, and magenta17.
    yellow orange is split to aqua blue, magenta is split to yellow green, fuchsia is split to yellow green.
    What a great exercise!
    Learning more about color and how to use the tool.
    Thank you Michelle


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