PQW Stay in Your Bed Retreat and Ticker Tape Parade Clue #3

Last weekend, I got to spend the weekend with the lovely ladies of Pennington Quilt Works.  We had a blast, they were able to accomplish so much.  It was great to be back in NJ for a bit, especially at Pennington Quilt Works.    We are missing a couple ladies from the photo (they were a little shy). 
Stay in Your Bed Retreat @ Pennington Quilt Works
Check out my Facebook page for more photos of last week.   The next Sleep in Your Bed Retreat at Pennington Quilt Works, will be Saturday March 28th- Sunday March 29th.   PQW should have the event available for sign-up soon.  Stay tuned. 

Another busy week in Manhattan.  The city is getting ready for the holidays.  There has been construction, of the Holiday Village, at Union Square Park all week.  I pass the USP on my way to the NYU office and it has been fun seeing it come together.    I may have to check it out next week.  The Holiday season, is my second favorite time of the year to be in the city, although I could do without the subway back-ups with the influx of tourists adding to the commuters. 
Grand Central Terminal 4-5-6 Subway platform
However, it is fun seeing the city with all the decorations.  I have to find a few great shots over the next couple of weeks. 

This Sunday, I will be teaching Part 2 of Starflower Surprise, at the Yankee Quilter in Seymour CT.  We do have a couple seats available, if anyone wants to join in.  You could take Part 2 this Sunday and then Part 1 in an upcoming UFO class.  We are looking at a few December and January dates.  Stay tuned.  If you are interested in signing up for Part 2 of Starflower Surprise or want to come in for help on another project, be sure to call the Yankee Quilter today, or click here to register.
Starflower Surprise

Heritage Inn and Spa - Southbury CT
Martin Luther King Weekend
Friday, January 17th - Monday, January 20th
My rooming list for my Cabin Fever Retreat is due soon, so if you are sitting on the fence with signing up for this fabulous retreat, now is the time to sign up.  I have a handful of spots left, but only 2 commuter spots.  

This is a fabulous 3 night retreat to escape the winter blues.  The Heritage Inn and Spa is a fabulous resort with a salt water pool, exercise room, spa, great sewing space and 5 beautiful fireplaces!   It is close to the Rt 84, not far off the highway, so makes for an easy drive.  Yet, the resort is set in the woods surrounded by beauty, including a vineyard.  Plus, a great group of ladies and a special retreater Quilt Shop sale!

More information can be found on my Retreat page.  Be sure to email me ASAP if you are interested, then fill out the online form, and send in the full payment as final payments are due now.  Here is an idea, ask for your special someone to contact me for a gift certificate to this retreat!


Like many of you, I'm preparing for the Thanksgiving Holiday.  So, I've purposely scheduled an quick and easy Ticker Tape Parade clue for this week and next week.   I know for me, quilting is my therapy, so I will be sneaking quilting time in over the next week, around Holiday commitments.  Sewing for just 20-30 minutes a day helps me stay balanced, so even if I have to get up early, before everyone else, I will do so.  Maybe you have a similar routine.  

If not, Clue #3 shouldn't take you more than 2 - 2 1/2 hours.  Use my paper plate method and you could sneak in 20 minutes here, and the 30 minutes there....   have fun.  

Note: If you missed Clue #2, it can be purchased in my Etsy shop for a nominal fee: Shop here

Clue #3 - Available for download until Thursday, November 28th

We using the Studio 180  Tucker Trimmer Ito make Half Square Triangles (HST).   

Below is a step-by-step pictorial, detailed information is in the download.  
By the way, make sure to share your completed clues in the Ticker Tape Parade Facebook Group (to join, make sure to answer the questions - if you do not, you will be automatically denied). 

Time to get organized; 

Gather your Group #3 of your Jelly Roll Strips. Following the directions in the download, splitting Group #3 properly.  We will be splitting the strips into a Group #3A and #3B.

Similar to last week,  we are going to subcut each of the strips in Group #3A into (2) HWOF Strips (approximately 2½” x 20 ½”).   Set aside one set, creating a Group #3A Subset.

From the other set, follow the cutting directions in Clue #3 download, sub cut the Jelly Roll and then Background.  

From the Bright Strips, after you cut the required Squares for Half Square Triangles (HST), you will want to cut 2" squares from the remnant.  It may be tight to get the required number of 2" squares from the Group #3A strips.  If you do, cut the shortage from your Clue #1 Scraps. 

When you cut the required squares from the Background Strips, you should have a remnant strip, save that for next week.   In addition the the Background Squares, you will be cutting some Large Rectangles and Medium Rectangles, that you will set aside.

When you mark the Background Squares, to make the HSTs, be sure to use the Quilter's Magic Wand, and with a Sewline Pencils (my preference) get nice and tight next to the Quilter's Magic Wand to draw your lines.

You will pair your Half Square Triangles, pairing Background with Bright squares, right sides together and then you will stitch on the lines.  Now, I see so many quilters in class, try and sew on the line with a foot that they can't see the lines ...  why?  Your machine comes with several feet, find the open toe or open applique foot.  Basically, any foot that allows you to see what you are sewing on, and where the needle is hitting.

I sew on a Pfaff, and they have a foot called the Star foot.  It is wonderful.  It actually has a little foot, on the foot, that I can use to place on the line. 
This foot is perfect, as lining up the little foot with my line, makes me more accurate, plus, my eye will tire less when I'm "power sewing".  I love it!
 Go ahead and chain piece these little squares.
 These are so small, that I actually hand cut them with my favorite scissors (Karen Kay Buckley's).   
 I find it easier and less time consuming than lining up the rotary cutter, plus it gives me a moment, to sit up straight and just cut. 
 Next, you are going to set your seam.
 FINGER PRESS, then press with the Iron.  Do not use the iron to PUSH this seam open.  One, you may stretch the fabric. Two, you could make the seam "wonky".  Three, this could leave a "lip" in your seam.   You want to use your fingers to make sure you press the seam entirely open without stretching it. 
 Aren't they cute?
Lastely, it is time to give them all a "hair-cut" with your Tucker Trimmer I.  Following the measurement in the download, you are going to line up the seam with the proper size's diagonal line.  Trim two sides.
Right Handed - Trim 1

Left Handed - Trim 1
Rotate the unit 180 degrees, line up with the proper size square, and your diagonal line should fall right back in place.  Trim the last two sides.

Right Handed - Trim 2
Left Handed - Trim 2

Tada - Right Handed

Tada - Left Handed
That is it for this week.  Be sure to consider signing up for Open Sew at Yankee Quilter on Sunday!  If you are looking for a fabulous winter retreat, consider my Cabin Fever Retreat in January.  

I have several things to do to get ready for Thanksgiving, plus fine tuning an upcoming pattern... plus I might just be working out the January Mystery details.  Can't wait.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!  Don't forget to download the Clue #3.  Clue #4 will be released on Black Friday mid-day. 

Keep stitching,


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