Wowzah! Majesty Lemoyne is Clue #8

 Wowzah!  Majesty Lemoyne is Clue #8!   This is one of the tougher blocks, but totally worth it!

I designed this Block for my Majesty Lemoyne Quilt.  One of my favorites!  
Majesty Lemoyne

There are going to be a few areas that you really need to be careful; fabric selection, fabric placement, accurate strip cutting, good 1/4" seam and safe pressing.  All of these are critical for this block.  

Let's start with Fabric Selection:

If you are selecting your own fabric, I'd highly recommend selecting that fabrics that are almost tone-on-tone but with some texture.  

You will want to think through the placement as well.  I went back an forth one which fabric I wanted to use where.  You have to make the decision before you cut, since they are different sizes based on their placement.  

I highly recommend taking your time to cut them properly, with your best cutting skills.  Additionally, I think you should label them, with pins, or stickies. 

Quarter inch seam!  Key!
You need to have a make sure that you sew with a good quarter inch seam and be careful pressing.

Make sure to check the strips when you have them sewn and pressed to make sure they are the proper width. 
From here on, you are going through the normal Lemoyne Star steps, but you have to be careful. 

Check to make sure everything is straight before sub cutting.  

You are going to treat the strip sets the same way you treat the single strips through the setting the angle, and your first and second cuts. 

Be very careful pressing.  I can' not say it enough.

When you are finished pressing, everything needs to be neat and pressed well. There are a lot of seams, and if you don't press safely and well, you are going to run into problems in the upcoming steps.

Trim down
Really take your time to line up.  Also look at the strips underneath the tool to make sure they look straight.

Then prepare to stitch.

Pin, pin, pin...  
The thinner pins really help when putting these units together.  Your strips should nest, if they have been sewn and pressed carefully. 
Seam Stick
You really want to use a Seam Stick with all these seams.  One, it is going to give you a flat press and two, it is going to be a lifesaver with not upsetting your other seams.

Trim the dog ears.

Quarters to halves
More pinning and your best 1/4" seam.

Halves to Blocks
More pinning and your best 1/4" seam.

Trim down
Take your time!
Right Handed

Left handed

Right Handed 2nd Trim

Left Handed 2nd Trim
How TADA!!!

How did you do?  I'd love to hear your feedback!

Well, I'm off to get ready for the Rangeley Retreat, I leave Tuesday and I have a lot of prep and packing to do! 

Have a great weekend,



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