Clue #7 is Lemoyne Star!

 Check out this Lemoyne Star, for Clue #7!  Of course I had to change it a bit.  We are going to change up the background to "shaded" some of the points.   I love Lemoyne Stars in general, but I really love the role this block will play in our quilt.

Fabric Selection
For that special "shade" you want to select a fabric that will read similar to the large scale print used in Clue #5, in that Half Square Triangle.  
I used the red "ice cube" for my Light in m

I went with the Green Fans
Keep organized

Make sure to place the star fabric in the same places for both units, your Star A should be the same in both units.  We are going to construct A & B as if they were going to go together, when they will actually be paired differently in step 15. 

Make sure to check out my alternative method, I love my "house" and it keeps everything in place.

Remember - Do not sew the Diamond units together, you want to sew on the small triangle first, and then trim.

After you trim your Unit A triangle units, do not sew them together.  Put them aside to block construction.
For unit B, you are going to go through the same steps. 
Pay attention when doing your trimming of your B units, you only need 4.  Save you remnant.

My completed B Units - Lemoyne Triangles - Do not sew them together.
Gather your A and B Triangle Units

Divide them up based off the instructions in Step 15.  Be careful and pay attention.
I highly recommend you pin these "left handed" so that you can keep the pins in (make sure they are place back 1/4") and this will help you make that perfect center.
My Kaffe version
Be careful when pressing.  The pressing stick will help give you a crisp seam and allow you to press without upsetting the other seams.  Key for a flat perfect center.
Lay the block, you will still want to sew them with the Center point towards you, but lay them out as a block to make sure you get the placement correct. 
Take time to pin.
Check your orientation before you put these together.  Also, check your seam, make sure those center points are 1/4" back, so that when you lay down the next seam you will not loss those points. 
Precision pin, it is worth the time.
Give them a good check before you trim them. 
Now, it is time to trim them down.  

 Right Handed

Left Handed


I really love how this Mystery is turning out, I hope you do too.  I've loved seeing all the finished Centers on the Facebook Page.  They are just terrific!  Wait to you see what I have in store for you next week.  

I' have to get back to my Sleep in Your Bed Retreat at the Yankee Quilters where were are working on Fall Aflutter!  Which I still have to bind, but I got it quilted this week. 

Keep Stitching,



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