Such fun! Clue #3 is the Viaduct Wedge Star

 I love this block!  This is the the Viaduct Wedge Star, I originally design this block for my Grand Central Quilt which was a Mystery a couple years ago.  That pattern is scheduled to be released by year's end.  

Anyway, I made some slight changes, one in size and two in replacing one of the corners with a Background Corner.    This block is really going to add some great movement in our quilt. 

This block is made up of (4) Diamond Wedges, (4) Large Strip Pieced Wedges and (4) Corner Triangles.  We are going to make (4) of them. 

Thank you!

I wanted to take a moment and thank all of you for the kind words, cards, text, emails that you've send over the last few weeks as my family and I've dealt with the passing of my brother.  I really appreciate it.  I'm starting to feel a little bit more like myself each day.  I gratefully appreciate your patience and understanding.

Let's talk this week's tips.  

Fabric Selection - 

Be careful when selecting your fabric, you want to be able to see the piecing.  Make sure you have variation in your fabric. Ideally in value, but different prints and scale of print will help too.  Also, make sure you are looking at the size of the pieces, they are small, so we want to avoid large scale prints for this block.  

My selection for Clue #3 - Curated Kaffe Selection

My selection for Clue #3 - Starflower Christmas

Make sure you look at the Corners of Clue #1 and select that same fabric for your Light #2

Remember to go into those Remnant bags, you should get much of the Corner Triangles and some of the Small Wedges from your remnants.
My plates after cutting, and sub cutting A & B.
Moda's Starflower Christmas

Free Spirits Curate Kaffe
New Technique for the series

For Clue #3 we will be making the Large Wedges, strip piecing them together to form our strip. 

Quarter inch is key when sewing strips together

Make sure you are putting them together in the prior order

Press towards the Light center strip

Once you have confirmed that your strip is the proper width (see Clue) then it is time to sub-cut the Wedges.
Right Handers will start on the Left

While Left Handers will start on the Right

Perform your sub cuts the same as last week. The only difference is your strip is pieced

And half of your units will have a wide LM and the others with have a wide Med strip.

Keep the different Strip-pieced Large Wedges stacked and separated. 
Piecing the Diamond

It seems some of you are struggling with the line up.  You can either line up the diamond exactely with the bottom of the Small Wedge. Or bring it back a few threads like I do.  What you don't want, is the Diamond point to hang off the small wedge.  

I like mine just offset a few threads

Trim that dog ear .
Then based on the 1st placement, you will want to either line up the bottom of the Wedge with the corner of the other Small Wedge (no prior offset) or if you slightly offset like me, double that offset amount on the next, bring that Diamond Wedge a few more threads down from the corner of the small wedge. 

It is okay if they are slightly off. 

You don't want them off a lot, but if they are slightly off and you still have more than a 1/4" left of that bottom diamond point, you are okay.  

Once pressed take your time in trimming them to the proper size.

Right Handed

Left Handed
Piecing the Octagon.
You are going to pair half your Diamonds with the wide LM Wedges and the other half with the Med Wedges. 

Remember to line up the Wedge sides, you should see the Diamond Point hanging out. 

Trim to the 90 degree angle

Take you time and give those corners a trim.  This should just be a few threads.
Left Handed above and Right Handed below

Be very careful to see all of these the same way.  I like to put my wide LM Wedges on the Right. 

Take the time to pin!

You want that perfect center.

Precision pin that center.  Take your time! 

Give everything a nice press. 
Time to trim the Wedges
Take you time.  Line up twice, cut once
Right Handed

Left Handed

Time to add the corners
Be careful to lay these out properly.  See it, flip it, stitch it, and press

Now you are ready to mark so that we can perform the final trim down. 

Use the Wedge Star to make your marks.  Be very careful with the Fabric Marking pencil 

Right Handed trim down

Left Handed trim down

Tada!  I can't wait to see your blocks!

I love these!  I'd love to hear your thoughts on the current Mystery, especially those of you that are new to my Mystery series, or tried the Clue and Class, when you usually just went with the Clue only.  Are you finding it helpful!  Share your thoughts here on on the Facebook Group.  

Have a great weekend, I hope to get my newsletter out tomorrow with all kinds of updates!

Keep Stitching,



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