Clue #4 is Dogwood Star !

 Clue #4 is Dogwood Star!  This is a great block, I first used this block in Dogwood Lane.  This block is going to take lessons we've learned over the first few clues and put them together.   There is a slightly different fabric placement and trimming of the Octagon.  So pay attention. 

Starflower Christmas - Clue #4 - Dogwood Star

Curated KFC - Clue #4 - Dogwood Star

Fabric Selection - 

I recommend using the same Medium Diamond fabric from Clue #1.  For my Christmas selection, I went with a new Light fabric, because I had a place I want to use the remnant of the Light fabric I've been using to date. 
For my Kaffe version, I went with the same Medium and Light as I used in Clue #1.

Be very careful with fabric placement, I've switched things up a bit on this Block. 

Starflower Christmas

Curated KFC 
Tips and Reminder

Take your time making the Diamonds.  See Blog post for Clue #3 if you need some extra tips or reminders.
Make sure you are putting the Diamond Wedges and Large Wedge together the same way each time.
I made sure to distributed my Diamond colors throughout the Block.  In other words, when I paired my quarters into halves, I made sure to have some Diamonds that had a lot of one color with Diamonds that didn't have a lot of that color.  Something I like to think about when working with large scale prints.  
Take your time and sew with your best 1/4" to ensure that you are going that perfect 1/4" offset to help you with that center.  
Once I have that perfect seam between my Quarters, it is easy to precision pin that center
KFC Version

Starflower Christmas
Take your time

Make sure you are lining up the center line with both Diamonds, when trimming the Diamonds, to prepare for the Corner Triangles.
Right Handed

Left Handed

Be Careful!

Make sure you are placing (2) Light Corner Triangles next to each other on all blocks.  Then (2) Background Corner Triangles next to each other.  They are neighbors.  
Starflower Christmas

Kaffe Fassett Collection

Trim down - Be careful 

Again, take your time.  Make sure to check all lines ups; the Common Diagonal, the proper size, and check that 1/4" - Works great if you have a new Tucker Trimmer that has the 1/4" seam line marked.
Right Handed

Left Handed

TADA!  We are finished!  Next week, we will work on with a new to the series tool, but don't worry, we have a few more Clues using the Wedge Star!  Shhhh..  :)

Have a great week!  See you for Clue #5.

Take time this weekend to remember those that lost their lives 20 years ago, as well as those hero to helped so many survive.  

Keep Stitching,


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