REVEAL! Best of the 60's!

 REVEAL!  Best of the 60's!  You survived!

Between travel, virtual classes, and some unexpected appointments, I'm almost there.  I didn't want to keep you waiting any longer.  I will continue to update this Blog post as I finish over the weekend.  

Every quilt may look slightly different, as you are going to decided what group looks best where!

Clue #24 is a repeat block of Clue #12, You've Lost that Loving Feeling.  We will use remnant fabric from Block #6.  

Three Units, 2 of which are 4-Patchs but different.

They will be trimmed differently

Top and Bottom come together easily.
Group #12
Group #12 comes together easily with our remaining Block #3!

Group #12!
Let's talk FINISHING!
You are going to need to cut half triangles, be careful to follow the directions carefully

We are going to cut precision cut Setting Triangles

Lay out your Groups in a three by four setting.  Take into account color, design, and fabric. 

Once you are satisfied, place your Billboard Blocks, Half Triangles and Setting Triangles

Putting rows together
Placement of your Half Triangle with your Group

Press towards the Half Triangle

For Rows 1 and 8, we have Setting Triangles - See it!

Flip it

Turn it over and line up.  

Press toward the Setting Triangle

You are ready for your next Half Hexagon

Press open or toward the Setting Triangle

Rows 2-7 have Billboard Blocks  -See it

Flip It

Turn over and pin

Sew it and press it toward the Billboard Blocks

I will add photo and tips for putting your rows together shortly...


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