Block 17 is My Girl!

 Block 17 is My Girl!  This is such a fun block.  I have an alternative/suggestion on the fabric you use for your Companion Triangle.    So pay close attention.    

We will be making My Girl with the remnant fabric from Clue #3.  You will noticed that you have a 4" remnant strip of Light Medium.  You can choose to use that, or go with the Medium Dark of Clue #3 instead.  Your choice.  I went with the remnant.  I think either will look great. 

My version of My Girl with the 4" LM remnant strip from Block #3

My Girl is a new block to the series, so I have a few tips below, but we will pair it with Clue #5 Pretty Woman!
My A Blooming Bunch version

My Peacock Galore version
Let's talk tips for Clue #17
Use your fabric from Clue #3.  Either use the 4" LM remnant strip or cut a new 4" Strip from MD. 

Take your time cutting and pairing up the units

Stitch them together using your best 1/4" seam

Take to time to organize!  Really important for this clue.  We have two units that have split cutting instructions.

We are making 2 different Diamond Shapes

Make sure to trim the proper sides

Ditto for the second diamond shaped unit

Lay out the Top of the Block (note I used the remnant strip)

Top Completed (with the LM remnant)

Lay out the bottom of the Block

Bottom of Block

Lay out the Block

I marked the 1/4" seams on the top of the Block to match my seams the best.

Trim down carefully, take your time.

Tada!  Love this ladies!
Now it is time for Group #5
Layout 5A with Pretty Woman and My Girl  - Note they have top and bottoms of the block.  All your Companion Triangles come together

Same on 5B

5A in A Blooming Bunch

5B in a A Blooming Bunch
The Blocks come together well. 
My A Blooming Bunch 5A and 5B 

My Peacock Galore 5A and 5 B
I just love these.  Whether you went with that LM remnant and have a softer center or you choose to go with the MD and have more of a center point, I think you will love these ladies!

Well, I have a very busy weekend, so I'm signing off for today.

Happy Stitching!


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