I Got You Babe - Clue #6 of the Best of the 60's

Clue #6 is I Got You Babe!  Love the song, love the block, love my fabrics!  Whew what a week, I'm so glad I have fabric and quilting to bring me peace.  

Check out I Got You Babe! 

Clue #6 ~ I Got You Babe

Just thinking the title of this song, I can see Cher swinging her hair.  :)  Brings back such happy memories.  

Before we get starting on Best of the 60's, I want to take a moment and talk about Stitchin Sister Charter Club. 

Tomorrow we are kicking off our inaugural Saturday class of our 6 month series.   We are so excited, we can't wait!

Our Tuesday series starts on January 19th, with cutting instructions being released on the 12th.   There are only a few days left to register for the few spots that remain. 

This Club will be a combination of virtual and online classes, taking the best aspects from both of those teaching delivery modalities.  If you are loving the Best of the 60's, you should check out the Stitchin Sisters, Aspiring Star Sampler! 

This is my Block 1 using Tilda!

Grab the one of last few seats while they last!  For more information and to sign up: Click HERE

Best of the 60s:

Fabric Selection

I went with a mix of fabric styles for my A Blooming Bunch and three different color and values for my Peacock Galore

Unit Overview

We've made all these units before so I'm just going to tell you to be careful when working with the A and B to keep them straight. 

Make sure you are trimming the proper sides.  After a few weeks, you might think you don't need the early organization tips but I think you want to keep them up. 

Tips on Construction and Trimming- 
When creating your Diamond Shapes, take time to line up not just the bottom of the units but also the top.

Right Handed - Take you time to trim and measure all the points.

Left Handed - Take you time to trim and measure all the points.

Double check your orientation.

I highly recommend marking your 1/4" on the seams that you are matching.  

Precision pin, it will make a difference.

Pay attention to the dog ears.

I reccomend marking the 1/4" seams throughout the Block construction.

Match that dog ear as well as the seam intersection.

Double check the orientation.

Once again, mark...

pin.. and stitch your best 1/4".  Be careful to press.

Trim the proper dog ear.


Pin, stitch, and press well.

If you are pressing well, you should not have any bulk. 

You should mark the two key points that don't have a seam interchange. 

It's a lot of pinning, but take your time and use long fin pins.  It will make a difference.

Press well with a seam stick.  It will make a different.  You want that seam flat. 

Right Handed - Line up all the key points.  Measure 2-3 times then cut. 

Turn and line up, then trim. 

Left Handed -  Line up all the key points.  Measure 2-3 times then cut. 

Turn and trim that last side.

Tada!  How beautiful, I love the 3D appearance!

A Blooming Bunch - I got you Babe!

Peacock Galore ~ I Got You Babe

That wraps up this week!  Tune in next week for Clue #7!

Have a great week!

Keep Stitching,


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