Clue #9 - Brown Eyed Girl!

 Clue # 9's Block is Browned Eye Girl.... Love, Love, Love it!  One of my favorite songs and I love this block.  Can you see the Girl?

Clue #9 - Brown Eyed Girl - Both my Peacock Galore and A Blooming Bunch selections 

I've gotten several inquires this week, and I wanted to let you know, if by any chance you aren't participating in the Best of the 60's Mystery Quilt Series, that it isn't too late.  You can find all the details on my Webpage or by going back to later posts.   We'd love to have you join.  This is one you don't want to miss!

Lynn are I are hosting our Winter Break Virtual Retreat this week, so I may be late in getting out my newsletter this week.  Hope you are all staying warm, it is crazy cold here in CT! 
I have to get back to the retreat, so let me jump right into the Best of the 60's Mystery.

Fabric Selection - 
This week for my favorite selection I went with a Complementary color plans.  I was a bit stressed about using the medium scale floral with the beige background for my LM in my A Blooming Bunch selection, however it has enough density in the print.  

Organization is key for this clue!
We've made all of this units before, but you want to make sure you are saying organized.

Label everything and double check it when you put them back on the plate.

A couple new-to-the series trimming line-ups.
We've cut the Bottom and Left before, just not of the Diamond Triangle.  So be very careful to read the instructions carefully and double check the diagrams in the Clue. 
Right Handed above and Left Handed below. 

Another new trim down on the Diamond Triangle is Bottom and Left
Right Handed above and Left Handed below.

Top of the Block construction
Pretty straight forward, but make sure you are checking all the triangle points for this trim down.  
Right Handed above and Left Handed below.

Placement and Orientation!
Be very careful with your placement of your C units. Ensure they are in the proper position and oriented correctly. 

Highly recommend that you mark your 1/4" seam on the B unit when putting these together.

Using that mark precision pin with the Diamond Triangle (Unit C) carefully. 

Bottom of Block
We are making two different sets of diamond shaped units for the Bottom of the Block 
Pay close attention to the instructions and diagrams.

Recommend marking the 1/4" seam. 

Double check prior to cutting that you have it correct

Left side trim down for Right Handed

Left side trim down for Left Handed

Right side trim down for Right Handed

Right side trim down for Left Handed

Make sure you place them correctly and check the orientation!  Very important.

Double check the orientation.

Make sure to line up that tip when you are putting this bottom row together. 

Lay it back down and double check that you placed it correctly.  Only trim the dog ear in the way of the next seam. 

Line up with that uncut dog ear, pin and stitch with your best 1/4" seam. 

Put your top with the bottom and double check before you sew.

Mark the 1/4" so you can precision pin. 

Right Hand Trim down - 1st cut - Check to make sure you are hitting all the points called out in the pattern.

Right Handed - 2nd trim

Left Hand Trim down - 1st cut - Check to make sure you are hitting all the points called out in the pattern.

2nd Trim


Brown Eye Girl ~ Peacock Galore

Brown Eye Girl ~ A Blooming Bunch

Fantastic!  Did you make it?  How did you do?  I'd love for you to share your block in the Best of the 60's Facebook Group and hear how it is going. 

I have to run back to our Virtual Retreat!  Talk to you next week!


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