Best of the 60 ~ Let's Organize your Fabric!

T- 1 week, to the kick off of the Best of the 60's!  Hopefully!  My goal is to kick of the Mystery next week.  However, we have a group that selected A Blooming Bunch, that is awaiting their fabric.  It has been suck on a cargo ship, Moda, Pennington Quilt Work, The Yankee Quilter and I are constantly monitoring it.   

I put together this message, figuring it would be the easiest way to explain it.  While we have about 50 people waiting on A Blooming Bunch fabric, we have over 200 who have their fabric, so we are trying to keep the recently pushed back date of November 20th to start the Mystery.  However, if A Blooming Bunch is going to get to the majority of people after November 24th, a few days after Clue 1's current release date, I will have to push it back a week or so.  All others will need to understand.  We are taking it day by day, and I expect to make the decision mid-next week.

Everyone participating in the Best of the 60's; please watch the video, so you understand all sides of this situation. 

Today, I want to take you through organizing your fabric.  

  • Note: If you don't have it yet, and you are using one of the fabric collections I elected, you do not need to stress, as I'm providing targeted guidance for you.  
  • Those of you who choose your own, really need to analyze the fabric.  If you went with mine selections, I've done the analysis. 
  • No matter what do not stress.
Let me take you through the assignment and examples.  

Whether you elected Clue only Membership or Clue and Class Membership you will have a BOF60 Organize Your Fabric download available.   
  • Clue only- Use the link that was emailed to you from Sendowl (Sew on the Go Downloads).
  • Clue and Class Membership - Sign-in to your Teachable account, select the Best of the 60's course and click on Part 1- Organizing Your Fabric.  You will see the download and the first of two videos! 

1. Gather your 26 Fat Quarters.
  • Note:  If you elected to use (13-14) Half Yards instead of 24 Fat Quarters, you need to cut them into Fat Quarters now.
2. Create (10) sets of 2 Fat Quarters and (2) sets of 3 Fat Quarters.  When making your fabric selections, you want to group  fabrics:
  • That contrast with each other.  In other words, fabrics that do not read as the same color and are not in the same color family.
  • That complement each other.  In other words, fabrics that go well together.  
If you opted to go with a dual Split-Complementary color plan, select groups that are from those complimentary sets.  

Peacock Galore Pairings shown: 

Tip:  I found it easiest to start with the sets of 3.  I took a Split Complementary pair and added another fabric from the other Split Complementary pair.   Then I did the opposite to get my other set of 3.  Alternatively, you could take 2 from a Split Complementary pair and then add a 3rd fabric that (bridges) is multicolored.

Note: That have different values.  Where able, try grouping a med-dark with a light-dark.

3. Clip your sets together with a wonder clip and store in a safe place.    See next section first and decide if you are going to prepare your fabric now or when you get to each clue.

Tip:  I like to store mine in a Large See Your Stuff Bag. 

A Blooming Bunch Pairings:

If you opted to go with a color plan that spans the entire color wheel, select those Complimentary partners where you are able.  For the sets of 3, consider a triadic plan.

Full Color wheel pairings:

Make sure you are taking into account textures and print types.

Larger Print options:

Here is took care to try and pair larger scale prints with more "tonal" print options (that read more as one color).

What's next:

Once you have everything paired, you may want to press and treat everything with a mist of Best Press or another sizing/starch product.  That way, you are ready to go when you get your first clue. 

Note:  You can elect to do this now, or at the beginning of each clue.  I highly recommend you at least prepare your background fabric now.  

Stay tuned:
As shared above, we are waiting to see what happens with A Blooming Bunch.  Fingers crossed, we will be able to keep the clues on track, if not, I will announce next Wednesday, if we need to push back one more week.

For those of you that have your fabric, have fun playing this weekend.

Keep Stitching,


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