2 weeks to Best of the 60's Quilt Mystery!

 We are just two weeks away. 

Today, I want to cover picking your own fabric for the Best of the 60's Mystery!

Maybe you need help with picking a background fabric or pulling from stash.  

Let me take you through some examples belows.

Note:  If you belong to the Clue & Class Membership, I released a 45 minute video on things to think about when pulling your fabric.  Make sure to check it out, it is in the "Let's get started" section of the curriculum.  


Also, tomorrow, Saturday, Nov 7th at 10:30am, I will be going FACEBOOK LIVE from The Yankee Quilter.  Make sure to tune in!  Submit your questions.  

Pulling your Fabric Selection

Okay, let's talk fabric!

I went to my Alison Glass Fat Quarter bin, and tried to pull a full color wheel of fabric.  This is an option, as it would give you unlimited Complementary Color plans. 

I used this select to make my "test" blocks.  

Background can be an important choice.  You want to go with something that has contrast with your fabric, but also has the effect on your fabric that you want.  It can change the appearance of your fabric. 

I went with a low volume background.  An off white, with a low volume print, that gives it a light silver vibe.  You can see, it mutes the colors a bit. 

Next, I show it with White, a pure white solid.  You can see the the fabric pops a bit more.
Next, with a gray.  I think it is very appealing.  It not to stark, but still makes the fabric pop. 
Next, Black.  It is more stark than the gray but not overwhelming.
Next, let's try a light blue.  I know several of you want something different than white or black.  The light blue mutes the colors a bit, but still very appealing.  Similar to my off-white with the silver low volume. 
Next, with a yellow-green.  I would need to remove some of the yellow-green fabrics from the selection, but it would look good.  The colors get muted a little more than than with the Blue. 
Finally, a yellow.  This is more inline with the light blue.  A bit muted. 

Hopefully that helps show you have Background can make a different.  So try didn't backgrounds against your fabric selections. 

Dual Split Complementary

Maybe you want to approach it by just pulling two Split-Complementary sets of fabric, picking a Border (if you want one) later.

You will want to select different fabric types; tone-on-tone, small prints, white on color, dots, etc.  If you are mostly going with tone-on-tone, you want to have different textures. 

My fabric pull with a Black background.  I like it.  Very cool.
My fabric pull with a White background.  More contrast, at least to my eye.  I like it, but I like the Black better.
Start with a Border print

For this fabric pull, I selected a Border fabric first.  An old Amy Butler print.  Large scale prints can work.  

This Border has a dual Split-Complementary color plan.  Blue/Orange and Purple/Green.  I have two options a Navy option and a Turquoise options. 

Let's start with the Turquoise.
I'm a little short, so I went to my solids and found some options.  Solids can be great to mix in with larger and multi-color prints. 
Now, let's try with the Navy Background.  Which allows me to pull some Navy fabric that complements the color plan, which actually bridges some of the fabric.   I like it!
Next, background.  I think for this selection, I like the cream/ivory... matching some of the cream/ivory prints I pulled. 

Hopefully that helped.  T-  2 weeks!  Make sure to tune in next week to prepare your fabric for the Mystery!

Have a great weekend!  

Keep stitching,



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