New Tool, New Classes and a bunch more!

Another week at home, but I've stayed really busy, which I find helps.   I have a new pattern that is almost ready to be launched and one in testing.  Stay tuned, I will be announcing it next week. 

Studio 180 Design's introduced a new tool, the Star 60.  I can't wait to start playing with this tool, my mind is racing already!  In the meantime, it comes with a free pattern.  I have a few tools available for purchase- Shop HERE

ADDED A NEW! Virtual Online Classes

Virtual Class: Color & Quilting 101.  The seats are going fast on these classes!  I have my first one tomorrow.  

I have two time slots you can sign up for:  


Saturday, May 9th - 9:30am - 12:30pm - SOLD OUT
Friday, May 15th - 3:30pm - 6:30pm - Couple Seats left
Saturday, May 16th - 9:30am - 12:30pm - NEW
Register: Virtual Class Registration

The Color & Quilting Virtual Class will arm you with the tools and knowledge to build your own color plans for your blocks, quilts and other projects. Learn how to make the most of your fabric choices to create the effects you're looking for within your quilting projects. Whether you're a traditional quilter or modern quilter, you'll improve your skills and sharpen your eye.

We will cover how to identify a fabric's overall color, shading and toneLearn how to read and use the color wheel.  Explore Analogous, Complementary, Split-Complementary and Triadic color plans in fabric! Learn to appreciate colors that just naturally look good together!

For class, you will pull together some scraps, Fat Eighths, or Fat Quarters from your stash or scrap bucket.   The pieces do not need to be big.  After each lesson, you will "play" and put your new knowledge to work!  You must register for the 3 hour class.  I'm limiting the class to 18 people so that everyone can get the attention they deserve.  

You will need the 3-in-1 Color Tool.  The Color Companion is recommend.   I know many of you already have these tools, so come learn how to use them. 

Spots are going fast so be should to sign-up ASAP.    Register: Virtual Class Registration


In addition to Tutorial Tuesday, I went live on Facebook last week, with some great tips on selecting fabric for your quilts.  I've shared it below, in case you missed it.  If you are participating in Holiday Solstice, this is a must watch.  I think this will answer a lot of questions and help you with your fabric selection.  

If you aren't participating in Holiday Solstice, I still think it will add a lot of value.  If you want more help, I'd recommend my Color Class mentioned above.  

Tutorial Tuesday - Five Diamond Block and Cutting Side Triangles

Did you catch this week's Tutorial Tuesday video?  I gave 
tips for keeping your making the Five Diamond Block and cutting setting triangles for quilt set on point.  

In case you missed this past Tuesday's Video, you can view it on my Facebook page.   Don't worry, if you don't have Facebook, I've uploaded my video to YouTube.  Also, you can subscribe at: Michelle's You Tube Channel.

What is Tutorial Tuesday? 

It is a weekly Video with tons of great tips, that I release each Tuesday, around 3:30pm, on my Facebook page (5:30 pm on Youtube).   For the next two weeks, Bloom will be the featured quilt, but you can use these tips for any quilt.  

Upcoming schedule:
This Tuesday:  Week 8 - We will take about putting together your quilt center.  
Next Tuesday: Week 9 - We will talk about putting on Borders


With more and more events being cancelled, many of my teaching engagements have been cancelled.  Therefore, I'm in the process of recording some Online Classes.  They are time consuming to record and will be loaded with tons of content that you will be able to watch again and again.  If you've enjoyed my Bloom series, these classes will be similar, with modules for each step.  There will be a charge for these classes, as that is how I make a living, however they will be worth it!  I promise. 

I have three classes scheduled to release over the next 8 weeks;
  • Sparkle - Towards the end of May - Will know better next week
  • Calm Seas - Mid-June
  • Starflower Surprise - End of June.
If you are interested in my Online Quilt Classes, please register for updates on my Online Quilt Classes web page, this will help me determine the interest level.  You will also find more information on the  Online Quilt Classes web page about the classes:  More information

Once these are launch and I start to see the interest level, I will have a better sense whether it makes sense to continue to record more.  Would love to hear from you, as to what classes you would like to see.  Please comment below.


Over the last few weeks, I provided you with the fabric requirements and an overview.  You can get the details in last week's post and April 24th's post or download here: Michelle's website

Holiday Solstice - High-Level Overview

  • Quilt Size -Throw 66” x 66” or Large Throw 78” x 78” with optional Traditional Border
  • Required Tools: 
  • Fabric Requirements
    • Background:  4 ¾ Yard
    • Fat Quarters: 24-28 Fat Quarters
    • Binding: ½ Yard
    • Optional Border: 2 ½ yards (includes Binding)
  • Facebook Group: Holiday Solstice Medallion Mystery Quilt Series.  
    • Please answer the questions to be accepted.  If you are a member, in good standing, in another one of my groups, you will not need to answer the questions.
  • Clues and Dates:
    • May 22nd through September 11th 
    • There will be 1 Bye week and 18 Clues including the reveal.
Holiday Solstice - My fabric selection - Available at THE YANKEE QUILTER

Several people emailed and messaged me requested the Bella Solids that Moda sent me to coordinate with my Fig Christmas II selection.  

I have the list the skus below.  I know Bundles. Make sure to check with your local quilt shop to see if they are getting it in.  

The Yankee Quilter is getting both the Fig Christmas II and coordinating Bella Solid Fat Quarter Bundles.   You can pre-order them, ASAP, at their online shop, electing to have them shipped or curb-side pick up (when they come in).

Pre-Order both bundles here: The Yankee Quilter Pre-Order.   THese are on a first-come, first serve basis, they will not last, so order yours ASAP. 

The Moda Bella Solids:
9900-101 – Grass
9900-75 – Lime
9900-192 - Leaf
9900-134 - Pistachio
9900-228 – Fresh Grass
9900-123 – Betty Red
9900-16 – Christmas Red
9900-229 – Tomato Soup
9900-47 - Scarlett Rose

I have to tell you, these solids are really yummy, and I think they would go great with any pure red and green holiday line out there.  I'm going to show you in one-two of the examples below. 

Whew! I think that about does if today.  

Remember, if you want more help with color, sign-up for one of my Virtual color classes.  Register: Virtual Class Registration and make sure to tune into Tutorial Tuesdays weekly at Facebook page
Have a great weekend!  

Keep Stitching,


  1. Really enjoyed the virtual color class. It was a lot of fun, gave me more confidence in choosing colors for my quilts and the time flew by! Thanks for a great class.


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