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How is everyone doing?  I'm hanging in there.   Everyday,  I try and find at least one silver lining to this whole thing.  I joked earlier this week that at least I've used up all the unsalted butter in the house that always seems to multiple during the holiday shopping.  LOL!  I always pick up double the butter I need, since I never know if I have enough butter for baking.  But in all seriousness, there are positives out there, we just need to focus on those.  

Like you, I have some good days and bad days.  With a lot of events continuing to get cancelled or postponed it is tough.  However, it is forcing me to attempted some more of my business stretch goals.  

One of those stretch goals is to start hosting virtual and online classes.

Maybe you are asking what is the difference

A virtual class is a real-time, interactive class, that is scheduled and attended within a specific time frame, via zoom.  

An online class is a recorded class, that you can subscribe to and attend to whenever you would like, watching as much as you wanted, as many times as you want, during a set time period (typically anywhere from 3 months- year). 

I'm working on getting both types of classes launched.  Of course the online class takes a good amount of prep work to get ready, recorded and launched, but it is it in the works.

In the meantime, I'm launching some Virtual classes.  The class will be three hours in length, you will need a device that has camera/video and audio capabilities since the classes are interactive.  I'm going to need to be able to see and hear you.  

NEW! Virtual Online Classes

My first offering is Color & Quilting 101.  I've taught this at a few shops and at AQS Quiltweek a few times.  It always sells out and is a lot of fun.   I have two time slots you can sign up for:  


Saturday, May 9th - 9:30am - 12:30pm 
or Friday, May 15th - 3:30pm - 6:30pm

The Color & Quilting Virtual Class will arm you with the tools and knowledge to build your own color plans for your blocks, quilts and other projects. Learn how to make the most of your fabric choices to create the effects you're looking for within your quilting projects. Whether you're a traditional quilter or modern quilter, you'll improve your skills and sharpen your eye.

We will cover how to identify a fabric's overall color, shading and tone. Learn how to read and use the color wheel.  Explore Analogous, Complementary, Split-Complementary and Triadic color plans in fabric! Learn to appreciate colors that just naturally look good together!

For class, you will pull together some scraps, Fat Eighths, or Fat Quarters from your stash or scrap bucket.   The pieces do not need to be big.  After each lesson, you will "play" and put your new knowledge to work!  You must register for the 3 hour class.  I'm limiting the class to 18 people so that everyone can get the attention they deserve.  

You will need the 3-in-1 Color Tool.  The Color Companion is recommend.   I know many of you already have these tools, so come learn how to use them. 

Today, I launched a poll in my Sew on the Go Sewing Circle group, asking which project would you be most likely to take an online class for, so be sure to go and vote:  VOTE HERE (You have to be a member of the group - so be sure to join!)

Spots are going fast so be should to sign-up ASAP.    Register: Virtual Class Registration. 

Holiday Solstice - My fabric selection

Several people emailed and messaged me requested the Bella Solids that Moda sent me to coordinate with my Fig Christmas II selection.  

I have the list the skus below.  I know Bundles. Make sure to check with your local quilt shop to see if they are getting it in.  

The Yankee Quilter is getting both the Fig Christmas II and coordinating Bella Solid Fat Quarter Bundles.   You can pre-order them, ASAP, at their online shop, electing to have them shipped or curb-side pick up (when they come in).

Pre-Order both bundles here: The Yankee Quilter Pre-Order.   THese are on a first-come, first serve basis, they will not last, so order yours ASAP. 

The Moda Bella Solids:
9900-101 – Grass
9900-75 – Lime

9900-192 - Leaf
9900-134 - Pistachio
9900-228 – Fresh Grass
9900-123 – Betty Red
9900-16 – Christmas Red
9900-229 – Tomato Soup
9900-47 - Scarlett Rose

I have to tell you, these solids are really yummy, and I think they would go great with any pure red and green holiday line out there.  I'm going to show you in one-two of the examples below. 

Designer Tips & Technique Virtual Show

On Tuesday, at 4pm EDT, I will be participating in the Designer Tips and Technique Virtual Show, on Facebook Live Four fabulous days of Facebook Live events, where you can get tips directly from quilt designers!  So, be sure to take the tour with me.  You can also view at 4:30pm on Instagram TV.  Follow #designertipsshow on Facebook and Instagram.  Or, on Monday, you can request to join the Facebook Group: Designer Tips and Technique Facebook Group.

It will be a Facebook Live event, after my Tutorial Tuesday video.   My tips are going to be on Fabric Selection.  I will spend 15 minutes on talking through the fabric selection I shared on the blog last week and this week.    Remember, if you want more help with color, sign-up for one of my Virtual color classes.  Register: Virtual Class Registration. 

More Fabric Selection Tips for Holiday Solstice
I want to cover a few more fabric selections that you may want to consider.  I'm going to cover why they would work and what you want to avoid.  

Triadic Color Plan - A triadic color plan, three colors equally spaced on the color wheel.  

I went and pulled a bunch of fabric from my stash, different prints, designers, etc.  I focused on the color tabs 6 (Blue-Green),  14 (Red-Violet), and Yellow-Orange (22).  These tab numbers can be found on the 3-in-1 Color Tool and Color Companion tools. 

Now, color-wise, I love this!  However, remember I stated that we needed a fair amount of small prints, or tone-on-tone prints due to some of the smaller piecing.  Therefore, I need to substitute some of these out. 

Original Pull
I went to my tone-on-tone/blender fabric containers.  Pulled and added the 3 FQ pictured on the top of each pile, removing the large print fabric from each color way stack.   Note; there will a few blocks that could use a larger print, but not that many.  Remember we will be making 6" finished blocks. 
My 2nd take with some blenders minus the very large prints
To give myself a few extra, over the 24 Fat Quarters, I added 1 Solidish fabric to each colorway.  I'm happy with this selection.   It is a great mix of solid to medium-large prints.  I have a great selection of light, medium and dark fabric.  
Final Selection
Complimentary Holiday - Partial Bundle

A Complimentary Color Plan is when colors are directly across the color wheel.  A Complimentary Color plan would be great, if you are only going to use two colors.  These fabrics are from my stash, left over from another Christmas quilt.  I only have 9 Fat Quarters.  So, I need to find 15 more from Stash.  

Leftover FQs from another Christmas project
 As I mentioned above, when I was talking about the Bella Solids, I think you will find a lot of Holiday fabric lines are use similar colors.  Usually close to (18) Blue-Red and 6 (Blue-Green).  So, I auditioned my Bella Solids, meant to match my Christmas Fig II, against this 5+ year old line from Kate Spain.   I think they look great!  However, I still need more.  
Leftover FQs with Bella Solids
So, I went to my tone-on-tone/blender fabric containers. Pulled and added the FQs on top.  I needed a few more Reds than Greens.
Final Selection 

Stash FQ Bundle - Only 21 Fat Quarter

So, I dug into my Fat Quarter drawer (yes I have one- scary I know - and it is actually several drawers - shhh).  And I pulled out this Daisy Days FQ Bundle.  It only have 21 Fat Quarters, but a nice almost Triadic plan and a good mix of print scale. However, I need more Fat Quarters.
Riley Blake's Daisy Days Fat Quarter - Several years old - who knows? 

A nice almost Triadic plan

Nice mix of print scales
I also need a Background.  When deciding on a Background, I often look to the FQ Bundle and see what Background fabric is being used within the prints.  I'd want to match, as close, as possible, the white that is in the fabric (I'm pointing to the one I'd use).   Your bundle may have beige, tan, etc. 
I'd want my background as close as possible to that grey on white fabric
Need more Fat Quarters that need to match as close as possible.  I needed at least 3 more Fat Quarters.  I think people tend to struggling when trying to supplement a Fat Quarter Bundle. 

First, determine what color or colors are lacking from the bundle.  I felt the bundle was lacking in Yellow and Green fabrics.

So, I went to my tone-on-tone/blender fabric containers. Pulled and added the FQs on right and left.  I felt I needed two yellows and one green.
Adding 2 Yellow and 1 Green Fat Quarters
 I then placed them within the bundle and felt that they blended well.  I felt they fit in color and style. 
Final Selection 

I hope that takes you through your Holiday Solstice color selection process 
Remember, if you want more help with color, sign-up for one of my Virtual color classes.  Register: Virtual Class Registration. 

Have a great weekend!  Find that silver lining. 

Take care, remember to tune in on Tuesday for my Tutorial Tuesday video followed by my Facebook Live/Designer Tips and Technique Facebook Group

Keep Stitching,


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