Back from AQS Quiltweek Daytona! Are you ready for Clue #7?

Can you believe it is March!  Oh my goodness.  I've been so busy for the last few weeks, I just can't believe my spring flowers are breaking ground.  Just crazy. 

I've had a fabulous time the last few weeks!  I spent a great weekend teaching at Shippenstitch's Winter Sewfest, the weekend before last.  What a great group of quilter's.  We had so much fun! I'm hoping to be back there sometime soon.  Stay tuned!

I spent just about 24 hours at home, unpacking,wash, repacking, processing orders, etc.    

Last Tuesday, I flew down to Daytona Beach, Florida where I'm taught six classes at American Quilt Society’s QuiltWeek last Wednesday through the last weekend. We had a blast.  It was wonderful to see some many familiar faces.  I greatly appreciate all of you that took the time to take my classes.  I hope you learned some new and exciting things.  I thought the show was wonderful, and just terrific people.   Apologies, I failed to get a picture of my Color & Quilting 101 Class. 

AQS Daytona Beach 2020 ~ Summer Star 

AQS Daytona Beach 2020 ~ Combo Weave

AQS Daytona Beach 2020 ~Birds on a Wire

AQS Daytona Beach 2020 ~ Majesty Lemoyne

AQS Daytona Beach 2020 ~ Diamonds in the Sky

Many of you have asked which AQS show I will be teaching out next year. I'm in the process of working that out for next year.  My schedule is crazy already for 2021, but I should know shortly. 

I wanted to highlight two upcoming Sleep in Your Bed Retreats.  These retreats are great fun.  If you live near the shop, you can stay at home in your own bed at night, saving some expense, while still have the fun of attending a 2 day retreat.  Just think of what you can learn and get finished in 2 days!   We can stay in the evening and sew, so you really get more than just 2 days worth of class.   If you don't live near the shop, do not worry, you can come and stay at nearby Hotel.  Both of these shops have some great suggestions.   They are both destination quilt shops, they have just fabulous fabric selections, staff, and just know how to run events.  

Pennington Quilt Works, March 28th-29th
Sparkle - One of the project selections

  • Pennington, NJ 
  • 2 Day Class: Saturday and Sunday
  • Projects include: Sparkle and Periwinkle Swirl
  • Register here: Pennington Quilt Works

The Yankee Quilter, April 17th-18th
Retreat ~ One of the project selections
  • Seymour, CT
  • 2 Day Class: Friday and Saturday 
  • Projects include: Retreat and Majesty Lemoyne
  • Register here: The Yankee Quilter
Come join me in the fun! 

Grand Central Mystery Quilt Series

I was so happy to see that the many of the Grand Central Facebook Members, used last week's BYE week to catch up.  We are have turned the halfway mark and are ready for more construction!

Clue #7
We will be making Diamond Wedge Pairs, by taking our Diamond Wedges from Clues #2 & #4 and pairing them with Large Wedge in our Accent #1 fabric.  We will be using the S180 Wedge Star tool and Tucker Trimmer III (note: Tucker Trimmer I will work for this clue as well). 

Below are some tips, but the details will be in the Download.  

Several of you have emailed me that when you click on the Download, that it takes you to a page that has last week's clue.  That is because your computer/tablet, etc has stored a "memory" of that page.  If you visit a certain page often, your browser will do that to save time loading pages.  If this happens to you, you can "clear your cache" or just hit the reload button.  Believe me, I don't post the blog or send the newsletter without putting up the new clue.  So, please try that first.  😉

This week, we will be cutting more Accent #1 Large Wedges.  If you need any tips on how to do this, please see Clue #6's Blog Post: Click Here 

Clue #6 has great pictorial on cutting the Large Wedges

You will handle the Diamond Wedges from Clues #2 & #4 similar to the Strip Pieced Wedges in Clue #6. 

Since we will be pressing these seams open, I would bring your stitch length down to at least 2.0.  Most machines default to 2.5, which is too big of a stitch length. 

Given that you have a triangle shape Diamond Wedge, and a Accent #1 Wedge that has a blunt tip.  You will want to take time to line up the sides to place the Wedge in the proper position for sewing.  

I like to place the Large Wedge on Top, so that I can see the Diamond Point. 

I then rotate the paired unit, and actually sew from the outside edge.  I think you will find this works better than trying to put the tip through first. 

These units are great to chain piece through, just make sure you keep your best 1/4" throughout the full seam. 

Then you are going to set the seam and place over a Seam Stick, to finger press and press.  The Seam Stick allows you to come through with your iron, without disrupting the other seams, plus it creates a perfect open seam.  Especially if you use seam. The wooden stick just wicks the steam right through and create a perfect press. 

I then like to apply a mist of Best Press, to make these Pairs nice and flat. 

Next, we will give these units a slight "true-up".  We do this by positioning the Wedge Pair on the cutting mat. If you are Right Handed, orient the pair so the 90° corner is in the upper right. 
Right Handed

Left Handed
If you are Left Handed position it so the 90° corner is in the upper left.  

Next, align the common diagonal on your Tucker Trimmer III (or Tucker Trimmer I) with the seam to trim “dog ears” and true up the 90° angle and give a sliver trim to the Wedge Pair, to ensure a perfect 90° angle.  Note: There may be just a few “whiskers” trimmed here. 

Right Handed

Left Handed

Repeat for all the units.  

Well, I need to get to work, I have tons of sewing to get finished while I'm actually home.

Next weekend, I'm off to teach at my Early Spring Quilting in Vermont retreat at the Strong House Inn.  A couple spots are open if you are looking to get away!   

I will be staying in Vermont, to teaching Majesty Lemoyne at Quilter's Corner, in Middlebury, VT on Tuesday.  Plus, I will be giving an Ps & Qs Lecture on Organization at the Milk and Honey Guild on Tuesday night.  Come join me!

Oh!  I almost forgot.  Don't forget MAQ (Mid Appalachian Quilters) Registration opens tomorrow, Saturday, March 7, 2020 at 9:30 AM EST.

I will be teaching a 3 day class, Timeless with a Twist, from Friday, July 10th-Sunday, July 12th.   Make sure to be online at 9:30am tomorrow and register at: MAQ Website.   Good luck!

Keep stitching,


  1. I was home when clue 7 was suppose to be ready but you posted it a week late and I was gone. Are you saying I now have to pay for it?


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