Almost halfway there! Grand Central Clue #6

Can you believe we are on Clue #6 of the Grand Central Mystery?  

To be honest, I can’t believe we are almost to the end of February.  Time flies when you are busy.  

Birds on a Wire released this past week, so there were many trips to the Post Office.  Thank you for all the order!    Then, Stephen and I had to take Bella in for a plasmacytoma mass removal, we are waiting on results but she is doing well, but needing extra care.  
Bella just home from Surgery
I spent two days in Manhattan, this week, and despite this morning's low temperature, you would think it was spring.  Union Square Park's grass is already coming back. 
Union Square Park
Today, I’m heading to Shippensburg, PA to teach at Shippenstitch’s Winter Sewfest. Which means, I will get home late Sunday night, only to turnround Tuesday to fly to Daytona Beach, Florida where I'm teaching six classes at American Quilt Society’s QuiltWeek.  

In addition to all of that….  I spent last weekend working on a design that will be releasing this Fall.  You might say, why now?  Well, I have the honor of having two of my designs accepted by Island Batik to be in their Fall Catalog.  They will be made with fabric from Deb Tucker’s Fall 2020 line.  So, in the next few weeks, I must complete the quilts so they can be sent to Island Batik for photographing.  I can’t share pictures nor sew in public since the fabric is under lock and key until the fall.  Hence all the secret sewing if you are following me on Facebook.  Given my schedule it is all hands-on deck in my quilting circle.  Everyone is in on it, including Cal... oh wait, that is him sleeping on the job.

Cal Pal sleeping on the job

Speaking of a Quilting Circle, I’ve repurposed my Timeless with a Twist Facebook group, the oldest of my Facebook groups, into a Sew on the Go Quilting Circle Facebook Group.    

This group is for all of you.  Please share any of your Sew on the Go related sewing.  Whether you are thinking about taking-on one of my patterns and need seeking advice of color, skill level, which sizes people did, etc.  Or, auditioning fabric for the pattern.   We'd love to see posts with your progress photos at home, a retreat, or at a class, etc.   Maybe you want to post a completed quilt top or a finished quilt.  Show us you giving a quilt as a gift.  Maybe, you are working on a former or current Mystery.  Just stitching with your favorite fur buddy.  It is all welcome.    

I hope you will join me.  If you are a member of any of my Mystery groups, you can gain access immediate, just request admission.  If you aren’t already part of one of my Mystery Facebook Groups, you will need to answer three questions to gain admission. Click here:  Sewing Circle on Facebook  Note:  If you do not answer the questions, you will be automatically declined.  So, take the time to answer the questions.  

I will continue to host Mystery Groups for those following a specific Mystery, however those groups will be retired 12 months after the last clue.  With running 2-3 Mysteries a year, it just becomes hard to manage so many groups.  Since, most finish the project within the year, I thought retiring the group after 12 months would be fair.  

So, feel free to post in both groups while the Mystery is active.  The Sew on the Go Quilting Circle will remain open as long as I’m on this journey of teaching, designing and sewing.  


I briefly mentioned it above, but I wanted to thank all of you that purchased a copy of Birds on a Wire.  With all the individual orders, plus the Quilt Shop and Distributor orders, Birds on a Wire is on track to be a best seller.  Thank you.  If you haven't gotten your copy yet, you can ask for it at your local quilt shop or purchase it here: Shop HERE

Birds on a Wire

MAQ (Mid-Appalachian Quilters) will be held Friday, July 10th – Sunday, July 12th, in Gettysburg, PA.  They have their Instructor and Class schedule posted.  This past week, they announced that registration will open on March 7th at 9:30am.    
Timeless with a Twist ~ Grandma's Blessing
This year, I will be teaching a 3-day class, Timeless with a Twist- Series 1.  Which is the first 12 Blocks of my Timeless Series.  You will make 12 Blocks and select from 3 different settings.   While making the 12 blocks, you will learn all the tricks and techniques that can be accomplished with the S180 Tucker Trimmer, Wing Clipper, and Square Squared.  If you select Grandma’s Blessing, as your setting, you will learn to use the S180 V Block.  The class is limited to 16 students, so if you want to get into my class, you will want to be online at 9:30am on March 7th.  Last year, my 3-Day class, sold out in 12 minutes.  You can get details here: Michelle's MAQ Class

My good friend, Barbara Dann, is also teaching at MAQ.  Barbara will be teaching 2 of my quilt designs.  On Saturday, she will be teaching Periwinkle Swirl and on Sunday, she will be teaching Summer Star.    Barbara is great fun!  We always enjoy teaching together.  So, you have a couple of class option if you enjoy my patterns. 


Clue #6 is ready!  We will be making Viaduct Wedge Pairs, by taking our Strip Large Wedges from Clue #1 and pairing them with Large Wedge in our Accent #1 fabric.  We will be using the S180 Wedge Star tool and Tucker Trimmer III (note: Tucker Trimmer I will work for this clue as well).  

Yeah! We are finally using Accent #1!  In my case this is my Pink and it really pops against my Strip Large Wedge.  Your Accent #1 fabric should too if you followed my instructions about Accent #1 being across the color wheel from your Assorted Bright fabrics.  

Clue #6 will be available through Friday, February 28th.  The download will have all the specifics, but please read through the tips I’ve supplied below.  

First, make sure you are giving your fabric a good pressing prior to cutting.  As shared before, I like to open my fabric up, press it completely flat, and apply Best Press. Then, I determine the true fold (not the one from the bolt) and give it a good press. 

Gather those Strip Large Wedges from Clue #1.  Depending on how they have been stored, you may need to press them. 

Now you are ready for cutting your Accent #1.  Follow the directions in the download, to cut the WOF strips.  We will be using the Wedge Star to sub cut the Large Wedges needed.  This cutting will be similar to when you cut the Strip Large Wedges, with the exception of having to make the strip sets. 

Very important:  Make sure to line up the top of your strip with the little line that is just south of the tip of the Wedge Star.  I know many of you struggled with that for Clue #1.  It is about a ¼” inch down from the tip.  When you line that up with the top of your strip, the bottom of your strip should hit the proper size mark.   If it doesn’t, you need to check your cutting technique. 
Just like in Clue #1, you will be cutting your Large Wedge, from Left to Right if you are Right Handed.  If you are Left Handed, you will cut from the Right to Left.

Right Handed

Left Handed
Right Handed
Cut up the left side and down the Right.  I find it helps to do this on a left corner if you are Right Handed or put the strip on a diagonal.

Then, rotate the Wedge Star Ruler, line up with the proper size, and cut.

Repeat until you have the proper number. 

Left Handed
Cut up the right side and down the Left.  I find it helps to do this on a right corner if you are Left Handed or put the strip on a diagonal.

Then rotate the Wedge Star Ruler, line up with the proper size, and cut.

Repeat until you have the proper number. 

Next, it is time to pair them up with your Strip Large Wedges.

When pairing the Strip Large Wedges with the Accent #1 Large Wedges, always place your Strip Large Wedges on the right side.  Important; you must always line these up this way, it will matter. 

Prior to sewing your first pair, I highly recommend that you start with a leader.  

Next, we are going to SEE IT, FLIP IT, SEW IT.  Use your best quarter inch. 

It is best to chain stitch these units.

Next, pressing.  

Set the seam
Then press the seam open.  Best to use a Seam Stick that will let you create a nice flat seam.  

Then give it a good press from the front. 

Now, it is time to true up the corner.  We do this by positioning the Wedge Pair on the cutting mat. If you are Right Handed, orient the pair so the 90° corner is in the upper right. 
Right Handed

If you are Left Handed position it so the 90° corner is in the upper left.  
Left Handed
Next, align the common diagonal on your Tucker Trimmer III (or Tucker Trimmer I) with the seam to trim “dog ears” and true up the 90° angle and give a sliver trim to the Wedge Pair, to ensure a perfect 90° angle.  Note: There may be just a few “whiskers” trimmed here. Repeat for all the Wedge Pairs.

Right Handed

Left Handed

Repeat for all the units.  

Tada!  I love these Viaduct Wedge Pairs.  If you followed along with my fun facts about Grand Central Terminal, you should start to see some of the symbolism in the units.


Next week, I hope to get a Blog post released, but if I’m able, it will mostly be about my time at Sewfest and AQS.  It will be a bye week for Grand Central, as I will be teaching at AQS’s QuiltWeek in Daytona Beach, Florida all week.  With 6 classes, it is too much to try and execute a Clue properly.   So, it is a good time to get caught up.  Last week’s Clue required you to have completed a prior clue, plus a bit of work.   This week’s Clue requires you to have finished a prior Clue.   So, some of you may need the week.  Also, now would be a good time to give your machine a good cleaning.  Change the needle, wind a few new bobbins….. unless you are will me at AQS Daytona Beach… then we will be having a blast 
Clue #6 will still come down on February 28th but will be available for purchase.  From 2/28-3/5 there will not be a clue on my website. 

That is it for this week.  I have to get on the road to Shippensburg, PA.  I’m looking forward to their Winter Sewfest.  I’ve heard so much about their shop and their Sewfest.  I’m honored to be asked to teach at their event.   The retreaters will be working on Majesty Lemoyne or Moonlight Garden.  It will be a Lemoyne weekend!

Keep stitching,


  1. I've tried the download button several times but it links back to clue #3, not #6. Wondering if this link needs an update.

    1. Sounds like you need to refresh your page or clear your internet cache.


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