Over the River - Clue #3 of Holiday Solstice

Over the River....   Have you figure out the theme song behind the Holiday Solstices blocks yet? 

Everyone should have it by now.   Put your guesses in comments below. 
I'm so tempted to give you a teaser about the next Mystery, but we are months away (will kick off in October)... but this is how early the planning starts.  I'm in the process of working with a couple different fabric manufactures who want me to feature their fabric, so decision are being made.  Maybe I will give you a clue next week.  LOL.  

Sorry, I'm a little punchy today.  I'm running on little sleep as I've been very busy, a good busy.

Before we jump into this week's clue, I wanted to say thank you for all the kind notes.  I greatly appreciate them.  I hope I replied to everyone, to be honest I was blown away.  It was nice to have my email box full of nice notes.  :) 

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Few other reminders:

There is a lot of great information here.  It will help you with the techniques.  

Join Holiday Solstice Facebook Group to share your blocks!

The Over the River Block comes together with the Studio 180 V Block and Corner Pop.  Both tools are required for this block. 

This block utilizes the same techniques from last week. However we are going to switch the fabric placement, and pop the opposite side of the V Block unit.  Plus, make 8 of them.  

  • Great block to use some of your medium prints and small scale prints.  For my Fig Christmas II, I went with a medium-dark print for my deep valley and light-medium for the wider angle valley.  

  • For my alternate selection, Sun Prints 2020, I went with a Split-Complementary plan.  


Okay, I'm going to provide you with some great tips for making Clue #2.  Remember details can be found in the download.  

Let's get started.

Since the techniques are almost identical to last week, just a few reminders. 

  • Cut the Center Triangles from your Background - Opposite of lastweek

  • Because we are making Eight blocks, you will want to place your Medium-Dark Strips wrong sides together to cut your Side Triangles.

Wrong Sides together for Side Triangles

  • Your V Block Units should look like this... opposite of last week. 
  • You will trim down the V Block Unit the same way.

  • Perfect units, that you will pop the pointed side - opposite of last week.
  • Pop the Corners
Right Handed
Place the Corner Pop/Cut Away on lower left
And Trim

Left Handed
Place the Corner Pop/Cut Away lower right

And trim
  • Sew, press, and next trim
Right Handed

Place the unit with the Replacement in the upper right and line up

Then Trim

Left Handed
Place the unit with the Replacement in the upper left and line up

And Trim

  • Next, pop the other side:
Right Handed
Lower Left

Left Handed

Lower Right
  • Sew and press.  Now you should apply another round of Best Press from a 

  • Final Trim-down.
Right Handed
Upper Right
Left Handed
Upper Left
  • Tada!  You have another Clue completed.  
Fig Christmas II
Sun Prints 2020

That's it for this week.  Make sure to check out my email newsletter for some great announcements of classes.  My Sparkle Online/On Demand Class released yesterday.  My first lesson/block will release tomorrow on Timeless with a Twist

Have a great weekend!



  1. The hassle free was great!! well worth the money!!!

  2. Setting. The Gianelli home in Hoboken, New Jersey. Over the River and Through the Woods is a play written by Joe DiPietro, published in 1998. It played Off-Broadway at the John Houseman Theatre for 800 performances over two years.

  3. Over the river, and through the woods.... To Grandmother's house we go!!

  4. that song we learned in grade school! "over the right and through the wood, to grandmother's house we go. The horse knows the way to carry the sleigh through the white and drifted snow-oh!" That's all I've got! So fun! I love our theme :)

    1. I've used parts of the song to name all the blocks. :)


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