Holiday Extravaganza Clue #6.... some homework...

Earlier in the week, I spent a few days with the Lady Bug Quilt Guild of Newark, DE.  What a great group!  I gave my When Life Gives you Fat Quarters lecture on Monday evening.  On Tuesday, the ladies worked on my Sparkle pattern and everyone did a fabulous job.  We were so busy sewing that I didn't get as many photos as I usually do, but you can check them out on my Facebook Page.

I'm in the process of getting organized and prepare for the Vermont Quilt Festival next week.  I still have room in most of my classes, if anyone is interested I'd love to see you in class!

Speaking of VQF, it is an event fill week.  The teachers set up on Tuesday, it runs through Saturday.  The teachers have 2 evenings of participation in addition our all day classes.  So, I planned a Bye-Week next week....  However, I'm giving you some homework.  😁

Clue # 6 ~ Block 6 ~ Lemoyne as Triangle Block
Block #6 ~ Lemoyne as Triangle ~ Both of my Fabric selections

Lemoynes as Triangle is a fabulous unit.  I've used it my Lightning pattern (along with a Banded Lemoyne) and my Loco for Lemoyne Star (along with 6 other types of Lemoynes).   The Half Square Triangle gives you so many options when designing a quilt.   You can check out all the Lemoyne Techniques and Patterns in my Etsy Shop.   Wait to you see how we are going to use it in Holiday Extravaganza!

Loco for Lemoynes
This week, you have two downloads.  One for this week, Clue #6/Block #6 and Clue #6/Block #6B for the Bye Week. 

  • Both Blocks #6 and Blocks #6A are Lemoyne as Triangles.  
  • You could elect to make both of these sets with the same fabric.
  • Or, following my lead, you could make them with different fabric, but they should be in the same colorway.  Very important!
Block #6B ~ Lemoyne as Triangle ~ Both of my Fabric selections

Holiday Extravaganza ~ Clue #6 & #6B ~ Lemoyne as Triangle ~  Tips and Tricks

This is a new technique to the series, Lemoyne as Triangle, so I've provided a few tips below.  You will note, that steps 1-11 are identical to Block 1, with the exception of size.  Details can be found in the download (available through Thursday, the 27th), but be sure to check out my tips below.

Steps 1-11  - A couple differences between Block 1 and Block 6/6B

  • In Blocks #6 and #6B, refer to the download but the sub-cuts will be slightly smaller.

Don't forget to make that second cut before you lift those units up.

  • You will be trimming the units down to a smaller size.  

Right-hand Trim ~ Lay the unit down at 2 o'clock position for perfect trimming


Left handed Trim ~ Lay the unit down at 10 o'clock position for perfect trimming

 Steps 2-18  - Tips specific to Block 6/6B

  • You will lay out and sew the units as Triangles not a Square ~ Sew the short side

 Triangles not a Square ~ Sew the short side

See it ~ Flip It ~ Pin it!  ~ Sew It

  • Next, you will put two Triangle Quarter units together to create a Lemoyne Half Triangle.  Make sure to trim those dog ears first.  

Triangle ~ See it!

Flip it ~ PIN IT ~ Sew It!

  • You will want to give the Lemoyne Half Triangles a great press.  Do not stretch.  You just want it nice and flat.   Make sure to use a Seam Stick, a Mister and press!  I promise you, these tools are worth the investment. 

A good press

  • Center the pieced Lemoyne Half Triangle over the Half Square Triangle (HST).  The HST will be slightly larger, center the Lemoyne Half Triangle on the HST.  Pin and stitch carefully, you do not want to stretch the unit.    

Center and Pin

Give another good press!

  • Trim to perfection with your Tucker Trimmer III or I.    It is very important to trim the pieced side first.

Right Handed ~ 1st Trim

Right Handed ~ 2nd Trim

Left Handed ~ 1st Trim

Left Handed ~ 2nd Trim

  • Tada!  Finished!  They are so fun to play with!  There are so many possibilities with the Lemoyne as Triangle technique! 

Michelle's Block 6B - Holiday Fabric Selection 

Michelle's Block 6 - Holiday Fabric Selection 

Michelle's Block 6B - Vintage Christmas Fabric Selection 

Michelle's Block 6 - Vintage Christmas Fabric Selection 

You are going to love it!  So, don't forget to download both Blocks 6 & 6B instructions.  If you elect to go with different fabrics make sure they are in the same colorway.  Check out both my versions, even though I used different fabric, they appear very similar from a distance.
Michelle's Blocks 6 and 6B - Vintage Christmas Fabric Selection 

Michelle's Block 6 and 6B - Holiday Fabric Selection 
Well that is it for today, I will most likely skip a post next week.  As stated earlier, VQF keeps us busy, which is why I gave you homework for the Bye Week.

Have a great time working on this block.  It is a lot of fun!

I'm off to pick up Majesty Lemoyne at the printers, and get on all the pre-orders!  Then pack for VQF!

Keep Stitching,


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