Block 27 and Retreating in Rangeley

Week 4 on the road!   This week I'm up in Rangeley, Maine, retreating with some great friends, including Dan and Carol, of Threads Galore Quilt Shop.  Dan and Carol have this fabulous Quilt Inn that you can rent for the week, that allows 7-9 quilters to relax and enjoy a wonderful well-light sun drenched quilting room.   Their quilt shop is directly across the lane, and you can go over and shop whenever you have a quilting emergency (even a small one!).   Be sure to check out their website Threads Galore's Quilt Inn for available dates, gather some friends and come Sew, Sew, Sew!
Threads Galore Quilt Shop
Threads Galore's Quilt Shop and Inn is adorable.  They have porches for sitting and fabulous gardens to explore, plus they are just down the street from the beautiful Rangeley Lake.

Rangeley Lake

The Quilting Room, in the Quilt Inn, is so well lit, it was a great place to examine my blocks and determine what fabric I needed to use this week.  If you follow me on Facebook, (Sew on the Go Facebook Page), I shared my photo of my blocks earlier in the week.  I took a look at what color I felt I was lacking and then determined my color plan.

While I was occupying the corner design boards, my friends were still able to work on their projects.  The Quilt Inn just has so much room.  It is designed by Quilters for Quilters.  Love it!  I always enjoy our time here.


Terry Sue

 Ok, back to this week's block!

Block 27 is Daylilies at Noon, by Nancy Page, which appeared in the Birmingham News, July 21, 1942.  This is one of those blocks that is a slight deviation of another block, Sage Bud (Kansas City Star, 1930).  Daylilies at Noon is made up of Pickets and Quickets, Shaded four-patch, and Square-in-a-Square in the center.  Sage Bud, had a simple square as it’s center.  The simpler design of the quilt block Sage Bud, was later published as Turkey Tracks, by Ickis, 1949.  Color placement and fabric value plays a major factor in the appearance of this block; therefore, I can see how the block gives the impression of Daylilies, Sage, or Turkey Tracks.  A fun block!
Daylilies at Noon ~ Michelle's Fabric Selection 1
I used a Daylily from my friend, Dan Perkins' garden for my inspiration in both my Fabric Selections.

So, I started off with that fabulous yellow (1) and  I went with Triadic Color plan, for the first version, pulling Aqua Blue (8), and Magenta (17).

Michelle's Fabric Selection 1

For my second fabric selection, I went with a Split Complementary Color Plan, starting again with more of a Golden Yellow (24) and then selecting a Spring Green (4) and Red Violet (14).   Love them both!
Fabric Selection 2

Block 27 ~ Daylilies at Noon ~ Michelle's Fabric Selection 2
As far as technique, if you are following along, you have performed all these techniques in the past, however these units are going to be much smaller than you have made in this series.  If you need a refresher on Pickets and Quickets, go back to Block 7's Blog post.  If you need help with the Shaded 4-Patch, go back to the Block 4's Blog post.

You are going to want to implore all those cutting, pressing and sewing techniques that I've taught you over the last few months with these small pieces.  Be sure to read the Block 27 download  very carefully.  I would suggest reading it end to end first.

Also, you will want to make sure you are using your Best Press and a good Pressing Sticks.  Also, if you haven't tried the Magic Pressing Mats, made of wool, they are fantastic!    The mat lets you press a flat seam and the mat keep you from stretching your fabric.  The heated wool provides an awesome seam.  I have both back in stock at my online shop: Sew On the Go Shop.

That is it for now!  I have to get some actually sewing finished while I'm here in Rangeley!

Keep Stitching!


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