Looks promising - 10 month Tucker Tool Time Series

I've been feeling very much under the weather this past week.  I've gotten a bad case of the flu.  Not fun at all.  Plus, the weather here has been so nasty.  Foggy and damp.

However, I got some good news this week.  It looks like Yankee Quilter, in Seymour, CT, will be signing me for my 10 month series - Tucker Tool Time.  Starting March 2014-December 2014. 

Here is a mock up:  


The first 9 workshops in the series will explore one or more of the Studio 180 Design tools; offering block designs using the tool(s).   Plus, it will build confidence and the know how to figure out how to use the Studio 180 Design tools to pieced quilt block units for your favorite blocks, quilts, etc.  Each month, a new block will be taught and students will make to versions of that block.  Plus, add in the setting block and it will create a 75” x 93” Tucker Tool Time Sampler quilt top.  The 10th workshop will focus on finishing your top and the 3 Bs (Border, Binding, and Backing).
I think it will be lots of fun.  Once signed, I'm going to head to Yankee Quilter, to pick out the fabrics for the sample and the kit. 
The Sample will need:
· Border – 2 3/4 Yards
· Background – 4 yards
· Chain – 2 Yards

· (10) ½ Yards of Assorted Fabric – Recommend 2 shades of 5 different color ways pulled from Border
Plus Binding – 1 Yard

 What do you think?
As soon as we finalized the dates, fees, etc.  I will post.  


  1. This is perfect. I assume you will sell your directions so that we can promote this project. Very impressive.


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