Heart of Rock and Roll - Clue #1

 Welcome!  Clue #1 of the Heart of Rock and Roll is Elvis Presley Block!

Elvis Presley Star - Moda's Eufloria

In 1986, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducted Elvis Presley and called him “the undisputed King of Rock and Roll.” In 1986, at the induction, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame stated Elvis held the record for the most Top 40 hits with 104 and the most Top 10 hits with 38. Elvis was born in Tupelo, Mississippi, on January 8, 1935.  He grew up surrounded by gospel music.  He died at the age of 42, of a heart attack at Graceland on Aug. 16, 1977.  
When designing this block, I thought of all my favorite Elvis songs, and many of them include “Love”, so I surrounded the Ohio Star with Hearts.  My favorite Elvis song is “Can’t Help Falling in Love”, which was released in 1961 on his Blue Hawaii Album. 

Elvis Presley Star - Moda's Nutmeg

My Fabric Selections:

Moda's Eufloria & Moda's Nutmeg
My paper plates - Remember to take your time and think about the best way to approach your cutting. 
Moda's Eufloria

Moda's Nutmeg
Units A & B are Half Square Triangles made with the Tucker Trimmer. 

Unit C & D are Quarter Square Triangles made with the Tucker Trimmer. 

Block Construction - Make the Hearts first!
Then the Corners.
Then, lay out the Corners and Columns.  

Take your time and sew these into Rows and press open with the Seam Stick.

I'd suggest precision pinning when putting your rows together.
How tada! 


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