Hawaii, New Tools, Retreats, Timeless Update and More!

Time to catch-up!

Sorry I missed the last couple of weeks.  Two weeks ago we were cruising in Hawaii and then last week I was recovering from the Bronchitis and Ear infection that I came home with!  On the mend now and I'm getting ready for Fall Quilt Camp 2019 at the Rangeley Inn and Quilt Market!

So, there is a lot to catch up on! I want to share:

  • Memories from the Hawaii Cruise
  • Completed Quilt Tops of Holiday Extravaganza - Just Wow!
  • November/December - Mini Mystery - Jelly Roll Challenge! 
  • New Tools by Studio 180 Design
  • Retreat updates - Fall Quilt Camp at Rangeley 2020 and NEW- Fall Getaway at Lake Morey 2020
  • Timeless with a Twist - Series 1 Release

Let's get started!

Aloha Cruise 2019 - Wow, what a fabulous time.  Deb Luttrell and the Stitchin Heaven team really know how to put together a quilting cruise!  We started in Vancouver, went to Seattle, and then we had 4 fabulous days at sea, before getting to Hawaii.  We spent our time wisely, with 3 days of formal quilting instruction and another bonus day to work through any questions and concerns.  Plus, the quilters could sew anytime they wanted to, 24/7!  

It was so great meeting so many new faces. 

2019 Aloha Cruise
Plus, work with a great team! I couldn't have asked to work with a better team.
Michelle Hiatt, Dona Thomas, Dana Goyer, Deb Luttrell, Jackie Kunkel

The ladies all made great progress!  The conference room was broken into 3 sections and the teachers rotated each day. 

Our view was spectacular from the 13th floor conference room offering floor to ceiling windows of the great Pacific. 
Our ship was huge!   Over 4900 passengers.  I'm thrilled that I will be back on the Ovation of the Seas, next August, teaching on Stitchin Heaven's Quilting in the Glaciers Cruise.  They are taking a waitlist, so if you think you might want to join us for an Alaskan Cruise, contact Stitchin Heaven:  More information here
Ovation of the Seas in Maui
Once we got to Hawaii, we spent 5 days exploring several of the islands.  One of my favorite spots was in Maui, at Ho'okipa Beach, seeing all the sea turtles. 
Ho'okipa Beach
Just fabulous!  I can't wait for the 2020 Stitchin Heaven's Quilting in the Glaciers Cruise!  I hope to have a 2021 Cruise announcement in the next few weeks. 

Completed Quilt Tops of Holiday Extravaganza - Just Wow!

The ladies in the Holiday Extravaganza Facebook Group have been busy!  I put together a video of the first 25 to be posted.   These are just stunning!   I will publish another video in a few weeks additional submissions.  
If you love the reveal, but you didn't download the Clues (or are missing any).  You can now purchase the sets; Clues #1-8B and Clues #9-17.  

November/December - Mini Mystery - Jelly Roll Challenge!

I'm still putting the details together.  I hope to have more next week, but here is what I know so far:

  • Targeted to run eight weeks, starting Friday, November 8th through Friday, December 27th.
  • It will require a Jelly Roll and some yardage.
  • It will be a small project.  You will be able to create a Table Runner, Bed Runner or Wall Hanging. 
  • It might include one of the new tools by Studio 180....  😘
Monkey Wrench ~ Tula Pink ~ Jelly Roll
I think most of us have tons of Jelly Rolls.  I know I do!  I haven't decided which one I'm going to use yet, but I love this new one I just picked up from Tula Pink.  I will get you more details over the next few weeks, so stay tuned.  Also, I will be kicking off a 16 week Mystery in early January, similar to this past year's Sunset on the Sound.

New Tools by Studio 180 Design

Studio 180 Design has come out with two new tools!  They are the Corner Pop II and Corner Pop III.

The Corner Pop II - Built upon the same idea as the original Corner Pop tool, this tool will allow you to add popped corners with a 2:1 ratio. 

What that means is that CP2 will make pops that are twice as tall as they are wide which will give you some great, spiky looks. 

 The Corner Pop III - Built upon the same idea as the original Corner Pop tool, this tool will allow you to add popped corners with a 3:1 ratio. 

What that means is that CP3 will make pops that are three times as tall as they are wide which will give you some great, spiky looks.

I have a pattern coming out  in a few weeks utilizing the Corner Pop III, but in the meantime I wanted to share Sarah Furrer's latest pattern, which uses the Corner Pop II.  It is Tumbleweeds!  Really cute.
All can be purchased in my Etsy shop - SEW ON THE GO.

Retreat updates - Fall Quilt Camp at Rangeley 2020 and NEW- Fall Getaway at Lake Morey 2020

I'm heading up to Rangeley, Maine on Tuesday.  Lynn and I are kicking off 2019 Fall Quilt Camp at Rangeley on Wednesday.  I'm so looking forward to it, per usual, we have a great group of quilters coming together.   Stay tuned to my Facebook page for updates. 

So, for next year, we will have two major retreats in New England!   We will have 2020 Fall Quilt Camp at Rangeley and 2020 Fall Getaway at Lake Morey. 

Rangeley Inn in Rangeley, Maine
Both Retreats are 5 days and 4 nights and include quilt instruction, lodging, and all meals.  Both should be great fun! 
Lake Morey Resort in Fairlee, Vermont
The 2019 attendees of Quilt Camp have first dibs on the spots, however public registration for both retreats, will officially open on Monday, October 21st.  

However, as a follower, you can get a jump start.  Get on the waitlist list now, by emailing me at michelle.hiatt@sewonthego.net.  If you want more information and the registration form, go to my Retreat page. 

Timeless with a Twist - Series 1

Last but not least.  At Fall Quilt Market, I will be launching Timeless with a Twist - Series 1!

After much debate, we decided to release the Timeless with a Twist Series in a four part Technique Building Series.  Which is the same format as my Oh-Hi-O My Star series.   In Timeless with a Twist - Series 1, the first of four Timeless with a Twist series, I take a closer look at 12 of the 48 Timeless Blocks.

Each Block has its own 4-page colored Booklet offering:

  • Step-by-step instructions and graphics for both right handed and left handed quilters, with complete tool instructions - no redirect to tool instructions.
  • New Techniques with each of Block, offering multiple techniques for each of the required Studio 180 Design Tools.
  • Color advice offering Split Complementary and Triadic color-plan suggestions.   
  • Brief history, plus a few cherished memories of times spent with her Oma.

The Timeless with a Twist - Series 1 also includes a 16-page colored Finishing Booklet, offering three quilt setting options.  

I've already had several shops sign-up to offer it as a Block of the Month Series.  I'm honored that Timeless with a Twist will make it's debut at Pennington Quilt Works, next week.  

Pennington Quilt Works is offering Timeless with a Twist for their Saturday Sampler. 
They have put together 4-Colorway options that you can select from and PQW offers their Saturday Sampler as an in-shop pick-up and you can also sign up to have PQW mail you the monthly block.  

Sign-up at Pennington Quilt Works - Click Here

I would love help spreading the word.  Ask you local quilt shop to join in on the fun.  Tell them to come see me at Booth #2215 at Quilt Market!


I think that is it!  I hope you hung in there for all my news!  I have a crazy two weeks in front of me.  I'm teaching my Starflower Surprise at the Yankee Quilter on Sunday, then off to Rangeley, Maine for 6 days, and then I'm off to Quilt Market for a week.  Crazy time.   Make sure to follow me on Facebook to keep up with my crazy.

Keep Stitching,


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