Holiday Extravaganza Clue #15! Can you believe it?

I'm running a little behind, I had morning appointments that somehow expanded into the afternoon.  I'm finally starting to feel a little better.  I actually got a little sewing completed late yesterday.  Hopefully I will get more sewing completed in the next few days.  

Thank you all for all the well wishes!  I greatly appreciate it!

Despite not being able to sew as much as I would like, we were able to get two patterns to the printers.  I love them both.  
Starflower Surprise

Starflower Surprise is companion pattern for Studio 180 Design’s Wedge Star™ and Tucker Trimmer III™  - Both are available in my Shop.   4 Sizes! Finished Quilt Sizes: Wall 50” x 50”, Throw 70”x70”, Twin 70” x 90”, Queen 90” x 110” 


Retreat is a companion pattern for Studio 180 Design’s Tucker Trimmer I™, Wing Clipper I™ and Square Squared™.  4 Sizes! Finished Quilt Sizes: Wall 52” x 52”, Throw 76” x 76”, Twin 76” x 100”, Queen 104” x 104” 

Both are available for pre-order this week.  They will ship next Friday, September 13th.  Anything ordered with them, will ship at the same time.  Shop HERE

Also, since I have to put my Shop on vacation for 2 weeks (Shop will be closed 9/17-10/2), I'm running a pre-cruise sale, today through Thursday September 12th!  15% off my entire store, with the purchase of $30 or more.  All your favorite tools, pattern, organization bags, etc!  If you haven't purchased the Wedge Star Tool yet, now is the perfect time, as my Starflower Surprise  pattern is ready!  Use coupon code CRUISE15.

Next week, I will have a bonus Blog Post!  I'm participating in the the Whistle Stop Tour! 

What is it?

From September 9 through 16, 2019, ten S180 Certified Instructors will show you how to make the blocks for the Union State quilt.  We will be using Deb Tucker's new Signature Collection, Steam Engine by Kathy Engle for Island Batik.

Each day of the hop, you will tour a different S180 Certified Instructor's blog to download the cutting instructions for each block. The download will give you fabric placement and a block layout diagram for a 12” block and a 6” block. Instructions for making the pieced border will come in the middle of the tour. On Monday, September 16th you will receive the finishing instructions for the quilt from the S180 Blog. 

The featured Blocks will be from S180 BlockBusters, They've created another great quilt for you this year: Union Station.  The BlockBuster blocks look amazing in the moody blues, grays and purples in this fabric collection.

You will receive some great tips and tricks, along the way, for piecing the blocks as you check out each of the blog posts. If you would like to make Union Station using Steam Engine you can look for it at your local quilt shops. 

Here is the Train Blog Schedule:

Monday September 9th
Tuesday September 10th
Wednesday September 11th
Thursday, September 12th
Friday, September 13th
Saturday, September 14th
Sunday, September 15th
Monday, September 16th
Holiday Extravaganza ~ Clue #15 ~ Log Cabin - 4 Versions!

Okay, due to the unexpected Bye Week, I'm doubling up your blocks.  You will be making (4) sets of 4 Log Cabin Blocks.  You will be making (4) 15A and (4) 15 A-L (Light Center) which have the logs being applied counter clockwise.  Plus, you will be making (4) 15B and (4) 15 B-L (Light Center).  It is a really easy block, so it is perfect to double up to get us caught up! 
Michelle's Holiday Extravaganza ~ Clue #15 

Making these (16) Log Cabin Blocks will use up tons of scraps!   As we've worked our way through 14 Clues, you should have accumulated tons of scraps.  Use them!  All (16) of my blocks are different.  I tried to use as many fabrics as I possibly could. 

You will use the Studio 180 Design's Tucker Trimmer to square up these blocks.  At the mid-point as well as at the end.  

This week's download, will include specific instructions for this week's Clue, however I have a few tips and tricks to help you through these different version:

Stay organized.  It is very important that you apply the background and Medium fabrics in the proper order.  Also, I know at first they look the same, but if you look closely , the 15A and 15A-L (blocks on the left) have the logs applied counter clockwise.  

Then, the the 15B and 15B-L (blocks on the right) have the logs applied clockwise.  

For the first round, applying Log #1 to the centers, you stitch them exactly the same.  Note: I fussy cut my Dark Centers... Love it!

However, then it changes.  15A and 15A-L logs are applied counter-clockwise.

15A and 15A-L Log #2

15A and 15A-L Log #3

15A and 15A-L Log #4

After, Log #4, you will want to square-up with your Tucker Trimmer. 

15A and 15A-L Log #5

15A and 15A-L Log #6

15A and 15A-L Log #7

15A and 15A-L Log #8

Next, 15B and 15B-L logs are applied clockwise.
15B and 15B-L Log #2

15B and 15B-L Log #3

15B and 15B-L Log #4

15B and 15B-L Log #5

15B and 15B-L Log #6

15B and 15B-L Log #7

15B and 15B-L Log #8
Tada!  So, we have one more week of Clues involving Blocks (Clue #16).  Then, Clue #17 will reveal the quilt!  Yeah!  I can't believe it. 

As this Mystery is getting close to completion, I'm starting to think about what is next.   I plan to do another Winter Mystery - January - April 2020.  I'm flat out busy from the end of September to late October.  However, I've been debating about doing a small project in November and December.  But, it is a busy time of the year.  So, I'm still thinking on it.  I might do a sew along.  Or a mini-Mystery. I'd love to hear from you as to what you would like. 

That is it for today.  Next week, I'm back to teaching, I will be at The Yankee Quilter's Stay in your Bed Retreat on Friday and Saturday.  I can't wait!  

Have a great weekend!   Make sure to visit me on Tuesday, for the Whistle Stop Tour!

Keep Stitching,


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