Stitcher's Help - Cool app for your Smart Phone

Found a pretty cool app for the Smart Photos, it is call Stitcher's Help.  It allows you to store your projects, shopping list for those projects, pattern info, etc.  Plus it has a several quilt calulators.  It was create by a quilter's husband.  It does cost $.99 but it has several features that the free applications do not have. 

The developer states:

A tool for helping all sorts of crafters track their stitching, quilting, knitting, cross-stitching, embroidery projects and quilt projects! Use calculators, attach images and calculations to projects, track a shopping list: All on your phone!
Current features:
  • Several calculators for calculating yardage, cost, or some other measurement. Send me an email at and suggest more!
  • Project tracking. Mark your project as "In Progress", "On Hold", or "Completed".
  • Attach pictures to projects
  • Attach project items to projects. These can be either any of the below calculators with your yardage and data saved, or simply a needed item.
  • Projects also have space for pattern information and notes.
  • Automatically generated shopping list page that can either be added on the fly or marked as "Include on Shopping List" on the project item edit screen. These items are grouped by project for easy organization.
  • Import data from other OpeWare apps (Bead Checklist, Floss Checklist, Yarn Inventory)! Select the menu button after selecting a project to bring up a list of files you can import from, select one, then select the items to import into your project!
Current list of calculators:
  • Yardage: Squares
  • Yardage: Half Square Triangles
  • Yardage: Quarter Square Triangles
  • Yardage: Rectangles
  • Yardage: 45 Degree Diamonds
  • Yardage: 60 Degree Diamonds
  • Yardage: Equilateral Triangles
  • Border: Mitered
  • Border: Squared
  •  Cost
  • Rectangle Diagonal Measurement
Has anyone else found an interesting app?


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