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Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year! I know this topic isn't a surprise, but I figured it is timely.

Did you make any resolutions this year? Or set any goals?

They are probably one in the same, but I guess I feel that we give up on resolutions once we "fall off". Whereas goals, I think we usually continue to strive for them. Maybe I'm crazy.

So, this year I set 6 sewing goals;
  1. To keep my sewing space a creative space, and not let it get bogged down, messy, etc. I find when the space is a mess, I tend to avoid it. So, I spent yesterday straighten it up. So far, so good.
  2. To make more time for myself to sew. I want to shoot for 8 hours a week. It doesn't have to all be together, but I need to spend more time sewing. It helps me and I need to remember I'm worth it.
  3. To complete 6 PIPs (Project in Progress).
  4. To complete 6 Stash Buster Projects from stash only (might have to swap a piece or two). I'm going to shop at Michelle's first. I really have some cool stuff and I need to look there first.
  5. If I purchase new fabric, patterns, books etc - It must be on a 20%+ sale or I have to wait!
  6. Only one block of the month - I choose one and I plan on completely it each month so I can get it for free.
That's it. What about you? Care to share?

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