Onto Stashbuster #2.... Amanda Murphy's Garden Path

With my first Stashbuster complete, I decided to make Amanda Murphy's Garden Path for my next Stashbuster.  I love the patten and I think makes great use of Stash.

I love Amanda's patterns, you should check them out. http://www.amandamurphydesign.com/patterns.asp The patterns themselves are awesome.  They have great instructions, awesome graphics, full-color booklet, and it really makes you feel like it was worth your $10.

Now, onto the actually pattern.... it really is great for a Stashbuster since it uses common "stash" purchases.  I'm always picking up Jelly Rolls, Border fabric, Brights and of late.. background fabric.  Buying background fabric is something really new for me.  It was something I was lacking in my Stash before.   So, now when I see a great background fabric on sale, I pick it up.  Note, some stores will actually give you a discount if you purchase the whole bolt of background fabric.  It's a good investment, this way when you want to use those other fabrics in your stash, you have the perfect background fabric. 

So, back to the pattern; Garden Party, by Amanda Murphy calls for;
  • A Jelly Roll
  • Background - 3-3/4 yards of fabric
  • Inner Border and Accent Squares - 1-1/4 yard of fabric
  • Outer Border - 1-1/2 yards of fabric
  • Binding - 3/4 yard of fabric
The quilt measures 68" x 96" when completed.

As I said above Amanda's instructions are great.  So, today, I got it all cut and organized.  I like to cut it all, package it, so it is ready to transport or pick up at any time.  I don't like to waste time trying to figure out where things are... etc.  I like to be organized and I feel it really pays off later.  So, take the time to get the "pieces" into baggies.  Mark them and place them all together.

I got my four patches put together.  Don't they look great!

Then I moved on to the flip method of sewing the 2 1/2" background squares onto the rectangles.  I love using Pam Bono's Angler 2 (http://pamsclub.com/main-store-menu/3-anglers), it eliminates the "line drawing step" and I find that it works really well.  Accurate!  When you have limited time, your tools are worth your investment.
I finished all of the rectangles.  They are pressed, cut and pinned properly....  Now they will have to wait until next weekend since I'm traveling to DC for work this week.  :(   Always on the GO!


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