What do you think about the Pdf Quilt Patterns?

I'm not sure if anyone else has seen them, but there seems to be a surge of Online PDF patterns for sale.   I have mixed feelings about them and was wondering what you thought.
I think those who can design and sell patterns are great.  I often think I'd like to give it a try, love the math and all... but do I have the talent for design.. hmmm.   Anyway back to my original question.  For the most part Pattern designing is low risk:
  • Most patterns sell between $8-12.  Why some are $12, I'm not sure, but they better be giving you a lot.  LOL.  Anyway, you figure you design it once, you have the initial fabric cost, time, re-dos, etc.  (aka front research/start-up cost). 
  • You need to write it up and package it.  Which by the way, I think there are designers that really do a great job there and then others, not so much.  Both in photos and directons.
  • Then you determine how much you want invest to sell the pattersn.  Tradionally, your efforts will pay off in volume sold.  You could start off with local shops - just printing a few, marketing them on Etsy (which is where I believe  the downloading originate) - produce a PDF, or try and sell it to a pattern company or start your own pattern company.  The later two probably have you making more samples, getting a booth at market plus having more than one pattern to market....
So, again depending on the volume and such something that cost you $1-3 dollars to produce after the initial investment, you could see wholesale for $4-6 and/or see to the consumer for $8-12....   Decent profit, but you have to have that "wow".

Anyway, so a few years ago, we started seeing the "mom and pops" of pattern designers sell you their patterns online from their personal website.  Often charging a lower fee and no postage if you "download" it.  Which I can understand and appreciate.  They are starting out, and this gives them a way to get a foot in the door without the overhead.

However, now we are starting to see the more "mainstream" (for a lack of a better word) pattern designers and quilt shops selling them online for the same price as the printed patterns.    So, I have mixed thoughts.  I guess it is still a good deal.  One, I guess I like the fact that I don't have to wait for it to be shipped and that I don't have to pay shipping but do I "value"the pattern the same.  I've always thought of "downloading" patterns as free.  I collect them like fabric, since they don't cost anything, but rarely have used a free pattern.  I could probably count on one hand how many times I've made something with a free pattern.

So, if you had the option, do you pay $9 for a printed pattern or $8 for a PDF.

Me, for now, I want the printed pattern.

What about you.


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