Quilts on High - Burlington, NJ

I've been meaning to post these pics all week.  The Quilt Gods helped hold off the rain in Burlington, NJ last Saturday for the "Quilts on High" event.  However, it gave enough of a scare that Olde City Quilt Shop had local merchants host some of the quilts indoor.  They were afraid if the sky opened up that they couldn't get them all down in time.  It is a shame, because the quilts outdoor really, really looked stunning...    This was  the first year, that I'm aware of, for this event.
I thought I'd share a few pictures.  I couldn't pick just a few, so I hope you don't mind all the photos:

You can see those outside really are stunning.  The NY Beauty below was my FAV.

I love a good Rooster and Snowman Quilt

This Barn quilt was really something, but unfortunately, it was one of the ones indoors and the picture doesn't really do it justice.
Then, the 3D Spider Quilt 
Last but not least, the World Trade Center 911 Quilt.  Shortly after 911, the quilter downloaded over 1000 photos of the victims of WTC 911 and used over 600 in this quilts.  It is a very gray and hazy but the quilter stated it was appropriate since that is how she felt and how NY looked on the days following. 

First hand, this quilt really hits you.

I tried to capture a close up so you could see some of the faces.

That's my review of "Quilts on High".  I wish the weather was so unsteady and that all the quilts could have been outside.   I guess there is next year.


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