2012 Project Box List

Ok, so we've all heard of a "Bucket List", the 2012 Quilting Project Box List is similar, but to strive to complete in 2012 instead of before your die.

I read a study that states those that set a goal for a passion or career, meet that goal 78% of the time. I thought that was pretty good and got to thinking that maybe I need to gather a quilt goal list, that maybe it would force me to be more productive.  Plus, I love lists.

Anyway, what do you think? Would you be interested in putting a 2012 Quilting Project Box List together and tracking your progress? No min, no max, just how are you doing.

I'm going to do it.  While at Camp (which I LOVED), I thought of a few of those 2012 goals:
  • Complete a hand applique wall hanging or small quilt.
  • Complete Christmas quilt for my bed (which we all know is KING).
  • Complete a Judy Niemeyer Quilt (not sure it will be Amazon)
  • Complete my YoYo Quilt
So that is 4, I think they are a good combination.  A wide variety and quilt skills.


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