Are the rising prices of Quilt Fabric impacting your fabric purchasing?

Wow, I'm not sure how many of you have noticed, given all the "Hayloft" deals, but fabric prices have really soared in recent months.  I'm talking $11.00+ a yard is becoming the norm.  No lie.

Most of the brick and mortar storefront and online shops, that have the "new" fabric, are pricing it at $10-12 a yards.   I surfed the web, to check out the "recently received" (tried not to pick on any one shop), and found that, in my mini-research,is the only store that has "new" fabric under $10.00 a yard.  For "new", I used fabric that I know arrived in the last two weeks.


What are your thoughts?  To be fair, I think the quilt manufacturers kept quilting fabric at the $4.50-$4.90 range for quite a few years. Which at the 100% mark-up (standard for most quilt shops) put the retail prices at $9.00-$9.80 a yard.  Some shops add their shipping costs (from Manufacturer to their store) in addition to that 100% mark up.   Others, absorb it into their 100% mark up.  Now, it seems cotton prices have increased, along with the cost of manufacturing (so they say), causing the Manufacturers to raise their wholesale prices to $6.00 a yard (batik or not).  The quilt shops I've spoken to are trying their best to keep their prices under the $12.00 a yard, by taking less than their "normal" mark-up.  However, given the increasing shipping prices, that is getting harder and harder to do.  Plus, the brick and mortar stores have physical store fronts to pay for... etc.

So, are the increasing prices impacting your shopping?  Are you buying less?  Are you raiding those stash (aka fabric futures-couldn't be more true)?  Are you being more conservative/particular when purchasing fabric - only those must haves?  Or, are you only purchasing "sale" fabric?  Or, are you buying just as you were a few months back?

What's your story?


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