This week's Blog Poll - Do you purchase a Quilt Calendar?

So, tell.  Do you purchase a Quilt Calendar?

Who know there we so many.  At first I was going to list the 4-5 quilt calendar producers, I figured there were maybe 4 or 5 quilt calendars produced each year.  Try 45 and that is what I found with a simple google search.  If I really tried,  I bet I could find 60.
If you do purchase one, do you always buy the same one?

I have purchase (or been given one as a gift) for the last 6 years (yes, I know where they are..)  For the last 4 years I've purchased the American Patchwork & Quilting Calendar (2007-2011).  Prior to that, I have 2 years (2005 -2006) from Quilts (Avalance Publishing).Both come with the patterns for each of the quilts.    I like the AP&Q because the instructions are in color too.  Plus, the quilts are doable.... not that I have.

 So, ladies; what about you... do you purchase them?  Have you ever made a quilt that was featured in a calendar?  Do you hang it at home?  The office?   If you don't buy them, why not?  Are you ashamed to show your quilt love?

Would you like one as a gift?


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