Block 44 of Timeless with a Twist ~ Jackson's Star ~ Only 4 Left!

Block 44, Jackson’s Star, by Eveline Foland, was published in Kansas City Star, on May 16, 1931.   
Block 44 ~ Jackson's Star ~ Michelle's Fabric Selection 1
This block is made up of four traditional Lemoyne Stars, however each with three quarters light and medium quarters and one quarter dark.  This block was later published as Four Star, in the Lowell Sun, on June 25, 1932 and credited to Nancy Page.  

A few years later, in June of 1934, the block was ran again in the Lowell Sun, credited to Nancy Page, and now called Jackson’s Star.  In 1934, it seems it was part of a Block series and the Lowell Sun clipping states, “This is Block 6 of the Quilt of Many Star Series by Nancy Page”.    

I love that it was in a series in 1934 and that I get to repeat Jackson’s Star in my own block series.  This is unique block setting, very similar to a Carolina Lily without having to worry about appliqueing the stem.  I also think this is a great block to use in a Christmas Quilt. 

Jackson's Star, will come together easily with the Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star and Tucker Trimmer III (or I).    If you need a pictorial on the Lemoyne Star, a fabulous technique, using the Studio 180 Design's Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star check out the Block 43's Blog Post.  You are going to follow the same technique as last week, different size, and you will be making one quarter of the units with Dark pair.  I explain it all in the download, which is available until Thursday, December 13th.  

Let's talk color, this week I went with a Split Complementary color plan for both my Fabric Selections.

For my first fabric selection, I pulled that fabulous Dark Blue-Green (6) to start with, then going directly across the color wheel to pull my light from the Blue-Red (18) and my medium from the Magenta (17). 

Michelle's Fabric Selection 1
For my second fabric selection, I pulled Magenta (17)/Fuchsia (16) print, for my light, although it is more of a medium, and the Purple (15) for my medium.  I elected to go with Chartreuse (2) for my Dark, which I actually went Light.  It will still provide that high contrast. 
Michelle's Fabric Selection 2
It has been a crazy nutty day, so that is really all I have today.  

Just a few reminders, we only have 4 blocks and 3 weeks left for Timeless with a Twist.  If you do the math, you will realize that I will be giving you 2 blocks within 1 week, so make sure you are paying attention to your email mailbox.  :)

Also, there is only 4 weeks until I kick of my Sunset on the Sound Mystery, make sure to check out my Blog post from last weekend, it provides a bunch of tips, fabric requirements, and color advice.  I hope you will join in on the fun!  Sunset on the Sound Mystery Blog Post Details.

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