Maine Quilts and Block 26 ~ Magic Box

Yeah, I made it to Maine!  My third straight week on the road.  Block 26 is Magic Box!
Block 26 ~ Magic Box ~ Michelle's Fabric Selection 1
Block 26, Mirror Box, by Nancy Page, was published in Birmingham News, on December 10, 1940.  This block is made up of a Square-in-a-Square-in-a-Square (Square³ or Stacked Squares) and Half Square Triangles.  In my research, I found this same block to be referred to as Triangles and Stripes in 1897 in the Ladies Art Company Catalog.  Additionally, I found this same block in a July 1941 clipping of the Birmingham News, crediting the block again to Nancy Page, however calling it Squares and Strips.  The appearance of the block can change dramatically by changing the value placement, which could result in the block appearing more like a box, triangles or squares.

This block should be fairly easy for most of you.  We are going to use the Large Square Square or a newer Square Squared (it needs to have the Registration Marks), plus the Tucker Trimmer I! If you joined the series late, or need a refresher on the Square cubed (Square-in-a-Square-in-a-Square - AKA Stacked Squares) be sure to go check the tutorial on Block 12:  Block 12 Blog Post

If you love the Square cubed technique, be sure to check out my Calm Seas Pattern: Shop Here
Calm Seas by Michelle Renee Hiatt
Speaking of Calm Seas, I'm actually teaching Calm Seas to a sold out class at Maine Quilts today.  Yesterday was my first full day at Maine Quilts, after a set-up/Preview Night at Maine Quilts.  Boy, was it a full day!  Dan, Carol and Cora helped me in the Booth, I taught Lightning and gave a lunch lecture.  I had a blast and I hope the students and attendees did as well.

Sew on the Go Booth @ Maine Quilts

Sew On the Go Booth @ Maine Quilts 
If you are visiting Maine Quilts, we are in Booth #5 - be sure to stop by and say "Hi"!

Okay, back to this fabulous block, Magic Box.  For my first fabric selection, I went with a Triadic color plan, selecting the Blue Violet (12) first, and then selected the Chartreuse (2) and Yellow-Orange (22).  I love how the Blue Violet looks against both the fabrics, it is a nice resting place for the eye.
Michelle's Fabric Selection 1
 For my second fabric selection, I went with a Split-Complementary color plan.  Starting with the Blue-Red (18) which I had not used in a few weeks and complementing it with the Orange-Yellow (23) and then jumping across the color wheel to the Turquoise (9).
Michelle's Fabric Selection 2
Well, I need to prepare for class!  Get stitching, be sure to download Block 26's details by Thursday, August 2nd.

Next week, we return to a more challenging block and I hope to have one or two quilt settings ready for download.  So, make sure you look for announcements as they will only be available for 6 days each!

Hope to see more of you at Maine Quilts!  Thanks to all who have been stopping by or taking my classes!  I really appreciate it and I especially love it when you bring your Timeless Blocks!

Keep Stitching,


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