First Online Class Released and Preparing for Spring Quilt Market

I'm still fighting a bad sinus infection.  Thank you all for the well wishes.  I'm sorry about having to postpone Tutorial Tuesday.  I'm starting to feel a little better, and I'm trying to work my way through my to-do list.

I'm preparing for Virtual Spring Quilt Market, most specifically my School House presentation.  I have a short bit during one of the Studio 180 Design's School House and then I have my own spot on Tuesday, June 2nd, at 12:50pm EDT.  

For my School House, I'm talking to Quilt Shop Owners about selecting Block of the Month programs that work.  I've taken my Marketing and Industry knowledge and Lessons Learned from with working with some fabulous shops over the years.  Plus, some new ideas, that they could think about, in this Covid-19 world.  I think I have some great content and I'm hoping they will tune in.  

If you would like to see my patterns or one of my Blocks of the Month featured at your local quilt shop, please let them know to check me out. 

Dogwood Lane

My printer has re-printed my Dogwood Lane pattern.  Fedex was unable to locate the original print.  The re-print has supposedly made it's way to the state of Connecticut.  We will see, if it arrives today or tomorrow.  I will launch the pattern and offer it in my shop as soon as I have it  

FIRST ONLINE QUILT CLASS - Open for Enrollment

Timeless with a Twist - Technique Building Series

A monthly Technique Building Series, Timeless with a Twist Series 1, is now open for enrollment. 
  • Be one of the first 25 students to enroll and Save 10% with Coupon Code FIRST25  *You must enter the code on the check out page, I can not enter it after you check out.
  • There is a monthly payment plan option and a discounts for upfront payment.

Here is the overview: 
  • You can join the Timeless with a Twist series, at any time, and gain access to all released lessons.  
  • Introduction-Lesson will be released on June 5, 2020: I will provide an overview of the quilts and tips for fabric selection.  This includes Fat Quarters, Background and additional fabric needed for each of the settings.
  • Lessons will be released on the 20th of each month for 13 months.  Starting on June 20, 2020 through June 20, 2021.  
    • You can watch the lessons at your own pace and when time allows.  
    • You are able to go back and re-watch any of the lessons, whenever you want.
  • Lessons 1-12 will provide step-by-step instructions for the corresponding Block
    • Note: All three quilt settings, offered in the series, are made with the same 12 blocks.  
  • Lesson 13 will provide instructions on Bonus Block and 3 different Quilt Settings (Grandma's Blessing is shown above).
    • This lesson will include instructions to complete all 3 quilts.  
    • You can choose which quilt or how many quilts you would like to make.
    • Setting 1 includes a Bonus Block.
Each monthly lesson will include:
  • Video: Overview and history of each Block
  • Video: Color lesson and advice.  Including examples of potential fabric pairings 
  • Video: Step-by-step lessons on the techniques
  • Handout: With extra tips
You will need to order the hard-copy Timeless with a Twist packet to participate in the class.  The package includes detailed booklets for each lesson.  
  • 12 Blocks: 
    • 4-page colored Booklet with cutting instruction on page one 
    • Color advice offering Split Complementary and Triadic color-plan suggestions.   
    • Additionally, the **3-in-1 Color Tool is recommended 
  •  Plus, a 16-page colored Finishing Booklet, offering three quilt setting options.
Note: I will be limiting the class size, as I want to make sure I can handle questions timely and create the best experience for all, once I get a gauge for how much is involve outside creating the materials and video, I could increase the class size.  However, at the start, I'm going to limit the class size.  Therefore, make sure to sign up next week if you are interested.  I will be offering monthly payment plans and discounts for upfront payment. 

Additionally, other classes, in the works, are scheduled to release over the next 8 weeks;
  • Sparkle - Towards the end of May - Will know better next week
  • Calm Seas - Mid-June
  • Starflower Surprise - End of June.
If you are interested in my Online Quilt Classes, please register for updates on my Online Quilt Classes web page, this will help me determine the interest level.  You will also find more information on the  Online Quilt Classes web page about the classes:  More information

ADDED A NEW! Virtual Online Class

Color & Quilting 101.  Just a few spots left!

When: Sunday, June 7th - 3pm-6pm - NEW
Register: Virtual Class Registration

The Color & Quilting Virtual Class will arm you with the tools and knowledge to build your own color plans for your blocks, quilts and other projects. Learn how to make the most of your fabric choices to create the effects you're looking for within your quilting projects. Whether you're a traditional quilter or modern quilter, you'll improve your skills and sharpen your eye.

We will cover how to identify a fabric's overall color, shading and toneLearn how to read and use the color wheel.  Explore Analogous, Complementary, Split-Complementary and Triadic color plans in fabric! Learn to appreciate colors that just naturally look good together!

For class, you will pull together some scraps, Fat Eighths, or Fat Quarters from your stash or scrap bucket.   The pieces do not need to be big.  After each lesson, you will "play" and put your new knowledge to work!  You must register for the 3 hour class.  I'm limiting the class to 18 people so that everyone can get the attention they deserve.  

You will need the 3-in-1 Color Tool.  The Color Companion is recommend.   I know many of you already have these tools, so come learn how to use them. 

Spots are going fast so be should to sign-up ASAP.    Register: Virtual Class Registration

Tutorial Tuesday - 

Sorry, I had to postpone Week #9.  I will be hosting Week 9 this coming Tuesday.  

Week 9 - We will talk about putting on Borders on an on-point quilt along with pieced border.  Plus, questions about putting on BordersPlease submit your questions to:  WEEK 9 Tutorial Tuesday Question Submission.  

Deadline Sunday, May 24th.  Ask those questions you have about putting on Borders (example, why do you measure in three places, etc).  I will demonstrate where possible or talk through the questions asked during 20 minute segment.


UPDATE- Several followers, quilt shops and Moda have reached out to me.  It seems a lot of you plan on using the Fig Christmas II fabric.  There has been a delay in getting it to the shops.  It is expected to arrive 2 weeks late.  Arriving in shops at the end of May.  Several of you have raised concerns that if you fall behind, you might not be able to catch up.  I think you could, but I can understand the concern. 

Therefore, I've decided to move the Mystery back two weeks, therefore starting Friday, June 5th running until September 25th.   I know some of you will be upset, but please note this is small potatoes given everything going on in the world.  I'm doing my best to make the majority happy.  

Next week; Once I'm feeling better, I will start providing tips to get ready, maybe I will even have you do some background pre-cutting.  We will see.  In any event there will be things to tune in for, so I hope you will join me.  

Over the last few weeks, I provided you with the fabric requirements and an overview.  You can get the details in May 8th's post and April 24th's post or download here: Michelle's website

Holiday Solstice - High-Level Overview
  • Quilt Size -Throw 66” x 66” or Large Throw 78” x 78” with optional Traditional Border
  • Required Tools: 
  • Fabric Requirements
    • Background:  4 ¾ Yard
    • Fat Quarters: 24-28 Fat Quarters
    • Binding: ½ Yard
    • Optional Border: 2 ½ yards (includes Binding)
  • Facebook Group: Holiday Solstice Medallion Mystery Quilt Series.  
    • Please answer the questions to be accepted.  If you are a member, in good standing, in another one of my groups, you will not need to answer the questions.
  • Clues and Dates:
    • JUNE 5th through September 25th 
    • There will be 1 Bye week and 18 Clues including the reveal.

Have a great holiday weekend!    Be safe and enjoy!


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