Block 29 is Eureka! A very special block!

Block 29 is Eureka, by Nancy Cabot, appeared in the Chicago Tribune, November 12, 1937.  Eureka is made up of Dual-colored Flying Geese, Flying Geese and Four-Patch units.  Fabulous!
Michelle's Block 29 ~ Eureka ~Fabric Selection 1
This week, I’m sharing some personal history, as this block holds a special place in my heart.  There is a handwritten note on this clipping, from my grandmother, and it states, “Uncle Sam”. 

Remembering the Quilt that was made with this block, I know my Grandmom was speaking of my Great Uncle Sam, who was actually my Grandmother’s older brother by fourteen years.  At 16, when my Grandmother was just two, Sam joined the Army to fight in WW1.  The story goes, he returned home after the war but was never quite the same.  While he went to work at PNC Bank, he kept to himself, and never married.  He chose to live with my Grandmother for the rest of his life, including moving into my childhood home.  I can remember sitting with my Great Uncle Sam reading, he loved to read and passed that love onto me.  He passed away when I was 11, but I often remember him wrapped up in his Eureka Quilt.  The Eureka block has great lines and makes for a wonderful one block quilt due to the secondary design within the block. 

For instances, you could make 20 of 12" Eureka blocks, place a simple set of Borders on and it would be a great quilt at 68" x 72".    It would be perfect for a "Quilt of Valor" quilt.   In the diagram below, I depicted the colors, my Grandmother used in my Great Uncle Sam's Eureka, this is purely from memory, but I think it makes a fabulous quilt.
Michelle's depiction of Great Uncle Sam's Eureka Quilt
Let's talk color!

This week, for my first Fabric Selection,  I went with a Dual Split Complementary Color Plan.  I thought it fitting, given the Dual-Colored Flying Geese.  I started with this fabulous Art Gallery print, presently mostly as a Purple (15), I then went across the color wheel to (3) for that Yellow-Green.  Then moving one spot over to Chartreuse (2) and going across the color wheel to Red-Violet (14). Love it!
Michelle's Fabric Selection 1
For my second Fabric Selection, I went with a Triadic Color Plan.  Starting with that Turquoise (9), then selecting  Magenta (17), and Yellow (1).  Since I'm working with a limited Fat Quarter pack, I needed a Light-Medium, I didn't have a fabric that meet any of the tones on that color tabs, so I moved one tab over to the Golden Yellow (24).  A girl has to do what a girl needs to do!  Right!
Michelle's Fabric Selection 2
You will note for both fabric selections I went with the Medium selection first.  Since that is the base for this block (occupies the most real estate in the block), it is important to have to proper fabric.

Let's talk tips.  If you been with the series, we've made Dual-Color Flying Geese in Block 9.  So, if you need a refresher, be sure to check out my Sew On the Go ~ Block 9 Blog Post.   

For those Four-Patches, you may want to check out my Blog post (Block 8)  where I give a pictorial on the latest Studio 180 Design's Four Patch Square Up tool.  I love it.  I will admit, I wasn't quite sure I needed it, but trimming those Four-Patches to perfection is fabulous.  Especially in this block, where that those Flying Geese need to match perfect to those Four-Patches.   If you been a hold out, this is the week to purchase it as I'm offering 20% off!  Use coupon code: AUG20EUR.

Okay, so we've cover the techniques, now let's talk about putting this block together.  In the download, you will note that I have you put the four corner units together first.  Setting them up once, stacking the units for all 4 on top of each other, and then sewing them together.   Very important!  I promise you, with these Dual Color Flying Geese, you will want to set on the corners first.  Download available through August 30th.
Set up the Corner Units first
Next, do the same with the Flying Geese and Bar unit. 
Next the Flying Geese and Bar Units
Then, be very careful!  Make sure to take the time to layout the block, take a photo of the block, and look at the photo!  Be sure you can see the Four Patches coming off the Star Center , the Light fabric in the Dual Color Flying Geese in the Corners and that the Light-Medium fabric is making a box.
Triple Check that you have it laid out properly!  
You are going to want to make sure you have a proper quarter inch seam.  It is very important for this Block to work out properly.  Then, make sure you square up your finished Block with the Tucker Trimmer III.  Remember, the Tucker Trimmer III is 20% off this week!  Use coupon code: AUG20EUR.
Square up your block with the Tucker Trimmer III
For those of you that have made my Amusement quilt, Eureka will remind you of a mini Amusement block. 
Michelle's Amusement Quilt
The other item that I featured in the Product Spotlight this week, is the Magic Pressing Mat!  It is fabulous.  Of the blocks that are posted, what I noticed most is the pressing.  Yes, I know those of you that take my workshops, know I'm very particular about my pressing.  We want flat, non-wavy seams.  Pressing can make or break your block!  The Magic Pressing Mat will really help you with this.  First, the wool warms while you press, so it is like ironing from both sides at once, makes for great flat seams.  Additionally, I think the wool will grip the fabric a bit, lessening the chance that you stretch the fabric.  Use coupon code: AUG20EUR.
Magic Pressing Mar
Well, I think that is it!   Enough lecturing!  LOL!

I hope you enjoy the Eureka Quilt Block as much as I do!  Have a great weekend and share those blocks on the Facebook Page!

Keep Stitching,


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