Wow! We are on Block 30!

Can you believe we are on Block 30!  Block 30 is Grandmother's Favorite.  Grandmother’s Favorite, by Eveline Foland, was published in Kansas City Star, on November 5, 1930.   This block is made up of a Birds of Paradise, Square-in-a-Square (Square²) and Half Square Triangles.
Block 30 ~ Grandmother's Favorite
In my research, I found this same block to be referred to as Scotch Squares in 1913 in the Farmer’s Wife.  Additionally, I found this same block in a May 1938 unknown newspaper clipping, missing the credit, referring to it as Scotch Plaid. This is another one of those blocks that can be changed dramatically by changing the value placement.

On a personal note, I specifically selected Grandmother's Favorite to be block number thirty.  I lost my Grandmother just before my thirtieth Birthday.  We had a serious conversation the day before she passed.  Her passing was unexpected, so I was happy to have had the conversation.  I had just made a serious career change, leaving behind the Casino industry and taking a position in the Publishing industry.  A few weeks prior she had advised me to take a machine quilt piecing class and to get to know people in my new city of residence.  The day before her passing, she was checking back in with me to make sure I was doing well, that I was taking her advice and to see how the move was going.  I was moving into my new condo that day, and out of the temporary apartment, and to be honest was more than a little freaked that I was really making the move.   She calmed me down as always, reminded me that I studied hard for my Masters, worked hard, and that I had made her proud.  She was thrilled that I had attended 3 weeks of my quilting class and that I was making friends in the "big city" as she called it.  Still makes me smile.  That was around 8pm.

At 5am the next morning, amongst boxes, in an unfamiliar condo, my phone was ringing.  It was my sister informing me that my Grandmother had passed during the night.  I remember talking to my older brother about the conversation I had with my grandmother the night before.  Thinking how odd, did she know she was going to have a heart attack and leave us.  He stated that he knew she hadn't been feeling well for some time, and he felt she waited for "her favorite" to find her way.  He thought she was happy with my career change and thrilled that I had taken up machine quilt piecing.  We all want to believe it, but I think my brothers and sisters will agree, I was my grandmother's favorite!  Miss you Oma!

Okay, onto color and things you really want to know about.  For my first fabric selection I went with a Triadic color plan.  Realizing that I needed more pink and blue, I went with a Light-Medium and Medium from Red (19), dark from Blue (11) and a Light from Yellow-Green (3).  Love it!

Michelle's Fabric Selection 1
For my second fabric selection, I also went with a Triadic color plan, selecting the Light-Medium in that fabulous Blue-Green (6) dots, pairing it with a Light and Medium from Yellow-Orange (22) and the dark from Red-Violet (14).
Michelle's Fabric Selection 2
Okay, tips and tricks.  This is a serious one, you are going to want to read this before attempting the block.    This week we have a new-to-the-series technique, Birds of Paradise.  It is also a newer Studio 180 Design technique sheet (remember to check out the coupon for 20% off all Technique Sheets this week-coupon code GMOM20)

You will need your Large Square Squared (have you been holding out? - well this week with that same coupon code GMOM20- you can get 20% off!) . In the Download, I've given you step-by-step instruction for this specific size of Birds of Paradise units.  However, you can get multiple sizes from the Tech Sheet:  Birds of Paradise.

1. Gather the dark and background quarter square triangles (QST).

2. Stitch together the dark and background quarter square triangles along the long edge to make a half square triangle unit, press the seam dark.

3. Trim the half square triangle to size using Part A of the Large Square Squared® tool, locate Center Square for the proper Finished Square trim size.  Align the center diagonal with the sewn seam and make sure that you have fabric on all four sides to trim. Trim the first two sides.

4. Rotate the pieced fabric square 180°. Align the solid Center Square trim lines for your size with the previously trimmed edges and the diagonal with the seam and trim the remaining two sides.
5. Lay out your trimmed square and Light-Medium two quarter square triangles as shown below. Work with one Light Medium triangle at a time. Carefully align the 90° raw edges of both the square and triangle right sides together. Stitch using an accurate ¼” seam, and press toward the triangle.  Remember to always stitch with the precision cut (the HST) on top to increase your accuracy.

6. Trim the dog ears and stitch the remaining quarter square triangle in the same manner aligning the 90° raw edges.  Press toward the triangle.

7. Lay out pieced section and the Background side triangles. Find and match the centers of both. Align the raw edges and stitch. Note that part of Background shows a bit beyond the Light Medium. Press toward the side triangle.

8. Position the second triangle on the other side again matching centers.

9. Position the unit with the nose of the goose pointing up, as shown. Use Part B of the Large Square Squared® tool to trim the unit. Align the finished length size "X" with the nose of the goose. Line up the dotted lines on the tool with the seam lines of your goose. Trim the first two sides.

10. Rotate the unit 180°, position Part B of the tool on the unit so that the solid line  of the length cut size is along one trimmed edge and solid cut size of the width is along the other edge. Align the goose nose with the finished length “X”. Line up the dotted lines on the tool with the seam of your center square, as in the step above. Trim.
Not the easiest technique, but I bet you all did great.  You have been strengthening your techniques for weeks now.

As always, be careful with your lay out.  Check three times and sew once!

Next week, I'm introducing a new tool, the Split Rects.  Make sure you purchase one from my shop, using the coupon code GMOM20 so that you are ready!

Next week, I will be at the Yankee Quilter, in Seymour, CT for a "Sleep in Your Bed Retreat", on Friday and Saturday, so hopefully I will be back to posting earlier in the day.  The Retreat promises to be great fun!  Can't wait!

Have a great weekend.

Keep stitching,


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