Better late than never... Speak Peak at Loco for Lemoyne Star

With the Holiday Season and obligations, it is sometimes tough to get the "me" time to work on my sewing but I was lucky enough to take some time last week and then today.  I was able to complete a few of the blocks for my Loco For Lemoyne Stars Sample for Pennington Quilt Work.  I'm teaching a 2 day class on February 28th and March 1st.  It is a 2 day workshop.  I can't wait.  I absolutely love Lemoynes!  Hence  the class.   An earlier posting has a drawing of the final quilt!

I'm making two of all the Lemoyne stars in Deb Tucker's Studio Lemoyne Tech Series.

Lemoyne Star

Fussy Cut Lemoyne
Strip Pieced Lemoyne
Add then I'm making 2 of each as Triangles:

Aren't they great!

I have a few more to go; Banded, Liberty and Blazing... they are on tomorrow's list!  We will see how that goes.

Next, I will post the alternative selection.

Hope the rest of you are getting some sewing in!


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